Saturn in 10th house will make its natives stand out because of their self-confidence and ambitious spirit , although their rise will normally be due to fraudulent and debatable methods. This will cause them to end up falling, something that will happen causing scandal and disgrace for them.

Achieving goals will take time, slowing down over time, but the ambition to win at all costs will finally pay off. This ongoing struggle to become someone will make the natives very sensitive to the opinion of others.

The natives of Saturn in the 10th house panic to feel humiliated publicly , so a curious contradiction occurs in them: they try to get away from the popularity that may cause them some problem, but nevertheless they also get carried away by the impulse to exhibit themselves before everyone.

In his own house, the planet of destiny is dignified, and if it is well aspected it will favor a slow but safe ascent, the fruit of tenacious and continuous work, plagued by long suffering and deprivation. Even in the best of cases, you will have to overcome numerous obstacles and delays in your promotion, and at some point in your life you will have to overcome many obstacles and delays in your promotion, and at some point in your life you will have to know failure or defeat.

It is ideal for holding positions of responsibility, but if Saturn is afflicted, these natives may fall after reaching the top and having to face the toughest tests of fate: misfortune, exile, prison or misery. If the planet is afflicted in 10th House, it signals the danger of a clearly adverse fate,

In addition to the aforementioned, this position of Saturn provides great ambition for power and money, and a tendency to take life very seriously and surrender body and soul to their destiny or profession. They are people with magnificent organizational and administrative skills, making it a favorable position for businessmen, executives and politicians.

They are generally more concerned with earning a lot of money and moving up the social ladder than working for a better world or serving others. In addition, the father of these people could be tyrannical, demanding and rigid, and thus they can also be their bosses at work.


  • They are people very concerned about their image , which makes them take care of it continuously so that they never appear bad to others. At a professional level, they have many possibilities of success due to their tenacity.
  • In the case in which the planet is well aspected, the natives will be favored by a slow but well-directed professional promotion , the result of constant work full of deprivation and suffering. However, at some point in your life you will have no choice but to acknowledge failure or defeat.
  • Saturn in the tenth house is optimal for the natives to occupy positions of responsibility. On the other hand, if the planet is afflicted it can lead to having to go through bad times after reaching the top, such as prison, misery or exile.
  • They give themselves totally in their profession, standing out in their organizational and administrative skills , resulting in a very beneficial transit for executives, businessmen and politicians. Earning money is the main purpose. In many cases their parents are tyrannical, rigid and very demanding people, as are their bosses at work.
  • The mother will occupy a very important position in the life of the natives, in many cases due to the absence or death of the father rather than due to his own character. Sometimes it is a burden for the native because of his poor health. It is also very possible that you will die young.

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