Angels are figures already well known to all of us, and some in particular, such as the archangels, are great representatives of divine assistance on earth, always present to answer the supplications of those who need them through a powerful prayer for love. Meet here the powerful prayer for the beloved guardian angel!

The term angel comes from the Greek angels, which means messenger, associated with them because throughout history they have always been involved as intermediaries between the earth and the heavens. There are several categories of angels such as seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, and archangels. In the artistic realm they are widely represented in human forms, although they bear most wings in order to unite the divine and mortal aspect, thus reinforcing their links between the two worlds.


The guardian angels are another “class” widespread and known in the midst of a powerful prayer. We can hardly find anyone who, as a child, has not heard from his parents that his guardian angel is caring and guiding her.

The guardian angels are beings called God in our birth to accompany us through life, providing protection and guiding us in moments of doubts and difficulties. There are several celebrations dedicated specifically to guardian angels, the most recognized by the church arose in Spain, being set for the first time on September 29. On this date also happens the celebration of the archangel Michael but, later, the day dedicated to the angels passed on October 2nd.

It is normal for us to turn to angels in powerful prayer when we need protection or clarity of mind and ideas, since such beings have the role of bringing our supplications to heaven and also seeing their own powers.


Just as our guardian angel knows us so well, we can conclude that if we want to ask for help, not for ourselves but for someone we love, a prayer for the guardian angel directed especially to this person’s guardian angel can be the ideal.

As we direct our thoughts, words, and faith to our beloved angel, we will know that we are asking the right guardian, because he or she is intimately connected with her and will be able to assist in whatever is needed. With that in mind, we bring a powerful prayer to the beloved guardian angel so that you can convey your request to him in the best possible way. This is one of the powerful prayers for love, so pray the prayer to the guardian angel of your love:

“(Name of the beloved), your guardian angel was given by Jesus Christ to keep and protect you. I ask you blessed angel that from the claws of evil you defend and save (name of the beloved).

(Name of the beloved) Do not pray to the guardian angel, to your protective spirit, to the saint of your name. I pray (your name) that I am your friend and companion.

(Pray 1 Our Father and 3 Glories to the Father).

I offer this Our Father and the Glories to the Father to your guardian angel, to your spirit, to the holy of your name, that they may gather me into your thought and your heart, that you may consecrate to me the strongest and purest love. In love with me you will be. All that I have for you of affliction will be over, and what you have you will give me, what you know you will tell me. You will deny me nothing. It is not I who persecute you, it is your guardian angel, the spirit of your body, the saint of your name, who will cause you to have no pleasure with any woman but me (your name), you will not rest until do this to me: (make the wish).

Blessed be your guardian angel. May I (your name) and you (the name of the beloved) be covered with the cloak of the Virgin Mary and may this prayer be blessed and real as the days we live, through Jesus Christ who lives and reigns every day on his most holy altar. . I deposit this prayer in the lap of the mother of God, and it will be delivered to your guardian angel (name of the beloved).

To the spirit of your body, to the holy of your name. Amen”.

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