Powerful Prayers From Bible To Attract Money, Health, Love, And Success In 2024

There are things in life that are never too much, are there? Having money, health, love and success are the main goals of everyone. And of course, the more money, more health, more love and more success, the better right!

Love and success are feelings that are directly related to our mood. When we are in line with these feelings, we generally find it easier to achieve greater gains in terms of money and better results in terms of health.

Our emotions, vibrations and thoughts are able to directly attract and interfere in our achievements. Emotion is able to control the strength of our lives. To attract good things and important achievements it is important to always be well with yourself. Good humor, good decisions and victories always come in moments combined with good thoughts and good vibes.

Negative Energies

Negative energies are capable of unbalancing emotions and generating many bad thoughts. Bad feelings are responsible for draining our vital energy causing feelings of discouragement, tiredness, bad mood and even depression. But what to do when we are overcome by negative thoughts and energies? To filter thoughts and attract good energy it is important to always stay connected with your beliefs.

Prayers to attract good things

To help you out, we’ve selected powerful prayers that will help you attract good things. These prayers, if given in faith, will have the power to send away any positive energy:

Prayer for power

God, Lord of all strength and power, give me today the security of your love and the assurance that you are with me. I ask for help and protection in this most difficult time of my life. I need your assistance, your love and your mercy.
Take away the fear from me, take away this doubt from me, clarifying my dejected spirit, with the light that illuminated your divine son Jesus Christ, here on Earth.

Prayer for prosperity

Supreme God of infinite goodness. I am a healthy, rich and happy being! My mind, thoughts and emotions are perfect and healthy. Harmony and wealth are part of all the cells and atoms in my body. All previous fears, conflicts and beliefs are now disintegrated, strengthening the deserving of receiving, health, wealth and happiness.

Prayer for victory

I continually feel the direct inspiration of God. I make right decisions quickly and happy surprises happen to me daily. I have a peaceful life, which belongs to me by divine right. I am brave, contagious and intelligent. I have a healthy and perfect body. I am accomplished in all aspects of my life. And that is why I am a winner. Thank God!

Prayer for positivity

My lord God, I give you the energy of my being, take care of my soul, balance my energies, make sure that I attract only good energies from the people I live with, and that I manage to transmit only positive energy to them. My Father, I know that all the good energy in the world comes from you, so enlighten me as much as necessary with your positivity. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Prayer for success

Beloved Father Celeste, I order the removal of my mind from all beliefs, concepts, thoughts, images, phrases, negative people and everything that has limited me so far in my moral, professional, financial and spiritual growth. If there is an enemy, revealed or not, wanting to hit me, let him be enlightened at this moment by becoming my friend, because in my life there is only room for friends. Bless! Wonderful things come into my life at this moment, on this day and for all eternity. I easily achieve my goals. I live my life with joy, calm, serenity and harmony with myself and with the entire universe.

Don’t let negative emotions take over you. Say these prayers whenever you feel necessary. Say the prayer believing that good things will cross your path.

Having faith and a focus on life’s goals makes the path to money, health, love and success much easier and more pleasurable. 


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