Master Number 22 - Prophetic Meaning, Personality, Challenges And Destination

Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge, and they are knowledge itself. Plato.

A few months ago, I shared a mega-post on Angel Numbers as the starting point for a series of articles dedicated to master numbers. This time, I bring you the post about the next one in the group: Master Number 22, a highly topical figure.

Thus, in the article that I put at your disposal today, I condense the information that I have been sharing with the members of the tribe since last year. I delve into the meaning of a figure that, twice eleven, implies a transition portal to the world spiritual in the context of the advent of a new structure.

Keep in mind that the number 22 is a 4. Hence its meaning points to new spiritual structures. It is, then, the master builder, a vibration that brings us shocks, upheaval, and transformation, creative chaos that inaugurates a new decade and a whole new era. We already see it!

When we analyzed the Master Number 11 to understand the meaning of Number 22 in Numerology, it is a unique and master character.

It will recommend that you review the origin of the number eleven and maintain the vision of the numbers as symbols that express certain information, energies, and vibrations.

As always, I intend to make the most of the information that I am going to share and enjoy reading it. Therefore, combining patience with interest and curiosity + a cup of coffee or tea are preliminary points to consider. If all goes well - I am already feeling that way - this will be another of those long posts in which I will assume my condition of the channel through which information will flow, including that which did not contemplate.

In this way, below we will review the meaning of master numbers in general before reaching the meaning of Master Number 22. In Numerology, the personality of those who vibrate with 22, some other historical numerical causality, and the implications it has 2020 for us, for the world, since it distills the master builder.

So my darlings, as happened with the post about Master 11, which has been more present in our lives than we ever imagined, this post will involve retaking the red pill. Although you have already read the article on eleven, I consider you an initiate and the words that come you can take them as a new step in your expansion process.


Master Number 22: new structures for consciousness

Just as eleven, a transition portal is created from the physical to the emotional. In the case of the number 22, the transition is to the spiritual world. At the same time, it is a four, hence the presence of the structure, the idea of pillar, organization, and norms; a structure and order that happen to be in the spiritual field.

With the number 22, you go from opinion to belief and from this to the paradigm. Thus, from this new structure, a transformation begins in the physical world, which can take the form of great upheaval, a great upheaval. In this way, Master Number 22 becomes a bridge between consciousness and the concrete physical world.

Number 22 in Numerology also has its recurrences in various fields, from the biology of the human body to the Tarot cards. Thus, there are 22 essential amino acids responsible for creating most of the proteins. Twenty-two pairs of chromosomes transmit the information of the parents: the so-called autosomes.

The Master Number 22 is also presented in the number of letters of the Hebrew alphabet , each with its corresponding sound, number, and vibration frequency. In tarot, there are 22 major arcana that represent the universal archetypes. Arcanum 22, by the way, represents the connection with light, awakening, the expansion of consciousness that ends up uniting the world of physics with the spiritual world.

By considering the above, we can see that Master Number 22 represents the universal, the realization, the concrete achievement. As a master builder, he has come to carry out large-scale projects with significant social impact.

People who vibrate with Master Number 22 are like bridges between the physical and the spiritual world. Hence, they are carriers of unusual energy, vibration at the level of those who came to build, lay foundations, and create and consolidate structures. Thus, the number 22 goes beyond organization and discipline. It is the ability to specify, to plan to move immediately to build.

In summary, Number 22 in Numerology expresses a structure of consciousness, which in the physical world is expressed as an order that impacts the great one, society, the collective consciousness, taking it to new levels of understanding of the divine that resides in the human.

What does it mean to carry the vibration of a Master Number?

Do you want to know if you vibrate with Master Number 22? So the first step you should take is to calculate your Life Number by adding the numbers from your full date of birth. Let’s see it with the following date of birth, belonging to a friend


0 + 3 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 22

2 + 2 = 4

Usually, we reduce this final result to a single number, which would be four. However, when a master number is presented, we do not apply the reduction, although we must consider that that person vibrates with Master Number 22 and at the same time with 4.

The question arises again about what is the vibration that manifests or what would be the answer to someone’s question about what is their Life Number. The answer is that it vibrates with the two figures in a first cast: with a 4, although a particular four since it comes from a 22.

Another answer is that this person is a four and therefore manifests all the attributes of this vibration. However, as it comes from the master builder, it carries a potential master vibration, which will manifest itself throughout your life as you awaken and know yourself.

Another way of looking at it has to do with an idea highlighted in other posts and always remembered. When we are in harmony, we manifest the positive attributes of our vibration, and when we vibrate with dense emotions such as fear or anger, we manifest the negative ones.

Something similar - although more progressive - happens to Master number 22: when we develop our emotional mastery, we awaken to our purpose and expand consciousness, in a process that can take a lifetime - although it is already known that quantum leaps exist and that we are in those times - we begin to manifest the attributes of the master vibration.

Also, we can see it like this: if you vibrate with the twenty-two as Life Number, you have manifested the qualities of the Four. Well; But when the moment of enlightenment arrives, you will begin to take your attributes to extraordinary levels, demonstrating - for example - an exceptional capacity for work.

Master Number 22: Responsibility for an Important Mission

Those who vibrate with a Master Number have a special responsibility to themselves and their contemporaries, even with generations to come. Keep in mind that this type of mission can involve very particular life paths. This, in some cases, can be expressed in a more or less solitary journey through life, although of a richness that only the teacher perceives.

In terms of the movie “The Lord of the Rings, “vibrating with the number 22 - or any other teacher - can be a lot like wearing a ring of power. As the Forest Elf Queen tells Frodo in one scene: “To wear a ring of power is to be alone.”

This means that people who vibrate with mastery have moral obligations that are not ordinary people. The ring of power grants that power, gifts, prerogatives, and advantages whose enjoyment involves some costs. You can also see it as a great challenge, as a life of constant tests that must be overcome using the tools that have been granted to do so.

For someone who vibrates with Master Number 22, living up to their higher vibration implies living with the idea of creating structures that generate stability and concrete benefits for an entire society.

Thus, thinking about the common good is the golden rule for this teacher, who will be able to shine and rise above his peers as long as he lives according to his most sacred motto.

When a person flows harmoniously with this powerful energy, they are most likely to become a true leader, an influential personality. His practical wisdom, strength, consistency, and tenacity will project him towards indisputable positions of power through the trade or field of knowledge where he has worked.

Finally, if the bearer so decides, whoever vibrates with the twenty-two can become an initiate, walk his path and become a Master for others. Moreover, let us not forget that walking the golden path of cosmic knowledge towards the supreme truths is something that we can all do.

Now the bearer is someone who has this apparent path.

Knowing the personality of Master Number 22

Through the spiritual bridge that he has built, Master 22 becomes the builder par excellence, a powerful forger of structures in the physical world. It exhibits the attributes of 4, such as the practical and methodical character, which allows it to build, materialize things.

Those who carry this master vibration as a Life Number tend to be dream manifesters on the physical plane. Circumstances, obstacles, or events that present themselves to this teacher on the way to his realization, can be solved by him with efficiency given his powerful energy, tenacity, and practical nature.

As a bearer of a “ring of power,” this teacher’s life tends towards activities where he has the possibility of displaying his spirituality, idealism, high consciousness, and capacity for agreement and cooperation, thus channeling his superior constructive energy in projects oriented the common good.

In short, Number 22 in Numerology allows us to recognize people who have managed to order complete buildings of knowledge for themselves, which will allow them to leave their mark for the benefit of humanity, either as essential leaders of societies and countries or as great builders and developers. Founders of pillars-paradigms.

Challenges of wearing Master Number 22

When I am conducting a Numerological Study of a person and the Master Number 22 appears as their Life Number, the first thing I always tell them (and also in the case of teachers 11 and 33) is that they are here to fulfill a critical mission and that this incarnation can be meaningful if you choose to put your energy and talents at the service of others.

Regardless of whether you have studied engineering, psychology, are a coach, writer, or entrepreneur, if you vibrate with the 22, you can be an example for others in fields such as consciousness, coherence, and what it means to be responsible for the life process. Master Number 22 is a builder of his own life, and in that process, he has the opportunity to teach - impact - many people.

Number 22 in Numerology is immediately associated with planning, but above all with the execution of large projects to benefit the social collective.

Like several great potentials, if there is a challenge that every teacher has, it is precisely to realize his potential.

Each life is like a diamond that, depending on the vicissitudes of its process, becomes dull or polished until its moment of awakening arrives. When this moment arrives and assumes the consciousness of I am a teacher, its potential to impact your society and leave a mark begins to be realized.

Specifically, like Four, the people of the number 22 must do what we all have to do: learn to handle their creator-master device through a deep understanding of their personality, integrating its negative aspects. In the case of 22, which is a 4, these are your tendency to stagnate, stubborn, stay stuck in the past, or be trapped in comfort zones.

The number of structures at the service of society

When illuminated, the mastery of the 22 mobilizes the wearer to design and execute the construction of a new reality, visualizing a more stable, just, and functional society, with the force of idealism behind which beats a spiritual vision, where everything that occurs on earth is a reflection of the higher hierarchies of the spiritual world.

The bridge between the world of ideas and the concrete world, the people of the 22, come to create concrete laws, norms, and agreements to guide humanity towards new stages of justice and well-being.

For all these reasons, Number 22 in Numerology speaks of a powerful constructive force, structuring energy that transmits stability and solidity in projects designed to impact societies and last over time. However, as with the other teachers, the full realization of this productive potential is a life challenge for the bearer of the vibration of 22.

This is one reason why, in a context like the current spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness, knowing the information that your numbers bring can be empowering and transformative.

What happens when I see Number 22 a lot?

This usually happens to many people, as it happens with eleven. If you see Number 22 a lot, keep in mind that if you see 11:11, you are seeing the master builder. At first, seeing these numbers is interpreted as a call from your higher self to enlighten yourself.

When people see the number 22 a lot, they are likely involved in projects where they will have to pass the tests of greed and personal benefits to put their constructive energy for the collective benefit. It is likely that, in the context of fulfilling your mission and finding yourself in a privileged position of power, you will begin to see the number 22 a lot as a sign that you have the tools at your disposal to make a difference.

Also, it often happens that idealistic and big-thinking people have to deal with hostile or corrupt people or contexts to materialize the great project that humanity will benefit from.

When people have taken up the challenge of living as master builders, there is never a lack of moments of crisis in which they feel that they can no longer, that they have to throw in the towel. That person should not be surprised that when he looks at his watch, it is 22 hours, 11:11, 11:22, or that he sees the figure in the most unusual and varied ways.

These people should read this message: stand firm, don’t stop trying, persevere. And if the adventure has only just begun, the flash may be telling you: Hey, don’t give up on your dreams, plan and do what you know you can do and do it!

Effects of Master Number 22 in 2020 Numerology

In the last weeks of 2019, I began to share information about the numbers for 2020. The vibration of 2020 was that of the number 4 of the rules, the bases, and the structures, but with a detail: a four that came from Master number 22, the builder.

And what about that? When a new structure comes to impose itself, and we speak here of a new order, many times that imposition includes the destruction of what there is, of the existing order. And of course, it also includes the struggle between those who resist - legitimately or not - and the champions of the new order of things.

We already see it. However, in years like this, people - and companies - must bear in mind that the 4 is the vibration of the laws, of the organization, the daily routine at work, and the effort we make every day to achieve results.

Master Number 22 amplifies the need for discipline and a solid foundation because it comes to shake us.

This master figure opens a portal of transition towards what many would call a “new world order.” However, whether or not the order to which conspiracy theories refer, what happens with this vibration is that it opens a portal of transition to another order of things, to another social structure in all its aspects: political, economic, military, cultural, etc.

We thus have creative chaos or creative destruction, the establishment of a new order. And this, I’m not going to lie to you, it can be a challenging process where we won’t have much to choose from, except to adapt and make the best of the opportunities that will open up, think very well what to do with the time we have.

Number 22 and the expansion of consciousness

Confinement by COVID-19 (which yes, numerologically, it is a 22) has generated different processes, such as when we look inward and discover a whole universe. Suddenly, realizing that we share similar circumstances worldwide, we feel that people who are thousands of miles from your home are not that far away.

Therefore, all this has been an opportunity to understand that humanity forms a tremendous collective consciousness on the planet. We are all one, and that in the circumstances like this, there is much we can do if we tune in to the things we love, to goodness. And the beauty of the world, for our purpose.

By the way, reflecting on whether or not we have a purpose in the world is one of the questions that many - I am convinced - have been asking themselves during these days of quarantine. Because, it is well worth asking yourself things like, for example:

How were you using the time when “everything was normal”?

What will I do when the confinement is over, and I have again the “freedom” that I “enjoyed” in January and February?

I want to tell you that normality in the street will recover in the short term, but I don’t think it will be like that or that all countries will make the same decisions about easing quarantine. In the meantime, I will tell you this: whatever happens, the important thing is that you maintain normality, harmony, and peace within yourself.

Being in quarantine is something like being in resistance against an enemy that stalks us, which can be imaginary (which makes it real) or, even, that enemy, maybe yourself.

You will tell me, but Amaury, how to face or cope with this reality? The first thing I would say to you would be that what they call “reality”, even when it seems obvious, you continue to create it from your mind . And as you may have noticed, there is a reality that the mainstream media try to draw in our minds daily: a reality of uncertainty and fear.

And it is not that they want to lower your vibration, not at all (ironic tone).

As you know, I am writing to you from Texas, a society that has gone through a relatively strong process in recent years and that has trained us not to give up and not succumb to the blackmails of fear. On the contrary, many of us have served to enhance our awakening and understand many things. I suppose you hope that I delve into this particular, but it will remain for another post.

Now, I don’t want you to misunderstand me: I don’t want you to accept scary blackmail or prototype martial laws, but I don’t want you to be reckless either. The fact that we have to wear masks, wash our hands well, assume certain social behaviors, etc., speaks to us of protocols and disciplines that are part of the process outlined by Master Number 22.

I wouldn’t say I liked it at all. Just as I vibrate with the Six of love, harmony, and beauty, which no longer makes it easy for me, astrologically, I am from Aquarius. This means that I do not get along well with restrictions on sociability and specific rules and certain disciplines, even less if they are imposed.

But, fortunately, as an entrepreneur who has been working from home for years, I have learned to live by following specific protocols and habits that, after quarantine, have allowed me to carry it with certain normality.

When you are someone whose income does not depend on a fifteen and the end of the month but depends on the results you generateyou  understand the importance of habits and learn to have discipline. If you notice, the decrees of states of alarm for “the bug” and confinement imply rules that regulate our behavior, laws, and new disciplines that must be assumed.

I don’t like them, but today it is because of the virus. Tomorrow it could be for other reasons. Exciting things are happening on a planetary and cosmic level as if we were entering a fantastic dimension.

In short, it is the presence of 4 of Master 22. Now, I want to give you my recommendation to cope with the situation, which can help you take a quantum leap.

Meditation to cope with the turmoil of the master builder.

I will be direct to end this post that has already been done a bit long.

If you weren’t meditating, meditate. You can do this after getting out of bed and washing your face. If you’ve never done it, start with five minutes. The idea is that you do it for 15-20 minutes. What is the password? Breathe deeply and calmly, follow your breath, and “watch” your thoughts pass without hooking on any of them.

The idea is that you discover the “presence” that is behind –or over- those thoughts, which are not what you are.

If you already have experience meditating and used to do it once a day, my invitation is that you now do it two or three times a day. During your sessions, visualize your family, community, and country enjoying an everyday, harmonious, dynamic, and happy life.

Above all, visualize yourself having the life you want to have (not the one you had until recently), enjoying yourself, living your purpose, evolving, entering a new dimension.

Sometimes this seems like a minor detail, but it is far from it. We are experiencing a change, the advent of new structures, changes that seem imposed by a superior force.

It is the spirit of Master Number 22, a vibration that invites us to recognize ourselves as beings of vibrant energy, like millions of waves dancing in space and connected to a great energy network.

So calm down, let the world shake outside, because inside you, what lives is eternal and powerful energy, which animates a vehicle (your body) according to the impulses of your operating system: your numbers.

So what will you do with this vibration of Master 22?

How has your experience with this quarantine been?

Your comments are welcome.

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