What Are The Names Of The Zodiac Constellations?

In addition to being accompanied by the planets and their regencies, the signs are also linked to the star constellations.

Because they are the signs of the Zodiac, they are connected to all the elements that make up the universe, interfering in the behavior of the individuals of each sign.

Know the constellations of each of zodiac sign:

Aries Constellation period : April 18th to May 12th.Aries Constellations

The constellation Ram is the constellation of the sign Aries, its main stars are: Hamal (ram in Arabic), Sheratan (both signs in Arabic) and Mesarthim (minister in Arabic). It is most striking in the last two stars mentioned, most clearly seen points of the earth with medium brightness.

The constellation drawing shows the head and horns of a ram from the front.

Constellation period: April 18th to May 12th.

Taurus Constellation Period : May 13th to June 20th.Taurus Constellations

Represents the left eye of the Taurus.

The design of this constellation forms the fronts of a bull. Its main stars are: Alnath (the voyage), Aldebaran (after the water star called Pleiades) and Ain (eye).

Constellation Period: May 13th to June 20th.

Gemini Constellation Period : June 21 to July 19.Gemini Constellations

The drawing is a picture of two twin brothers. Main stars: Pollux (twin) and Castor (the other twin).

Constellation Period: June 21 to July 19.


Cancer Constellation Period : July 20th to August 9th.Cancer Constellations

Main stars: Altarf (the end), Acubens (claws). The drawing represents a crab depicting the movement of the Sun round and round during the summer solstice.

Constellation Period: July 20th to August 9th.


Leo Constellation Period : August 10th to September 15th.Leo Constellations

The drawing depicts a leo with its tail and mane, marked by the constellation’s main stars: Denebola (lion’s tail) and Regulus (the little king).

Constellation Period: August 10th to September 15th.


Virgo Constellation Period : September 16th to October 30th.Virgo Constellations

The image of the virgo, formed by the stars, symbolizes the representation of a goddess to the people who lived on the banks of the Euphrates River in the East. This goddess is called Istar and is the symbol of fertility for this people.

The main stars of this constellation are: Heze (virgin knee), Spica (hand holding spike - fertility), Zavijava (left shoulder), Porrima (Latin name of the Goddess) and Vindemiatrix (name in the Latin language).

Constellation Period: September 16th to October 30th.

Scorpio Constellation Period : November 23rd to November 28th.Scorpio Constellations

The drawing of a scorpion is mainly formed by the stars: Dshubba (front of the animal), Antares (rival of Mars - imaginary heart of the scorpion because the animal itself is an arachnid and has no heart organ), Shaula (scorpion tail) and Sargas (middle of the tail - means stubbornness).

Constellation Period: November 23rd to November 28th.

Libra Constellation Period : October 31st to November 22nd.Libra Constellations

The drawing is of a scale, the only sign of the zodiac not represented by an animal. Main stars: Zubenelhakrabi (scorpion claw - left side of the scale), Zubenelshamali (northern claw - lies between both sides of the scale) and Zubenelgenubi (southern claw - right side of the scale).

Constellation Period: October 31st to November 22nd.

Sagittarius Constellation Period : December 17th to January 18th.Sagittarius Constellations

Image of a centaur with wings and a bow and arrow stretched to kill a scorpion. Main stars: Ascella (armpit), Kaus Australis (south of the arch), Nunki (Centaur’s chest), Kaus Borealis (north of the arch), Kaus Meridionalis (center of the arch) and Rukbat Archer’s knee).

Constellation Period: December 17th to January 18th.

Capricorn Constellation Period : January 19th to February 15th.Capricorn Constellations

Associated with the image of a goat, its main stars are named: Deneb Algied (goat’s tail), Al Giedi (goat) and Dabih (butcher in Arabic - is in the mouth of the goat’s image).

Constellation Period: January 19th to February 15th.


Aquarius Constellation Period : February 16th to March 11th.Aquarius Constellations

Main stars that make up the image of a man named water-bearer pouring water over a small fish: Sadalmelik (King’s Talisman - man’s left shoulder), Skat (decision-man’s left leg), Albali (drain - right hand of the hawk) and Sadalsud (good luck - right shoulder of the hawk).

Constellation Period: February 16th to March 11th.

Pisces Constellation Period : March 12th to April 17th.Pisces Constellations

The Pisces constellation depicts two connecting fish. Main stars that make up the design: Gamma Piscium (head of one fish) and Alrischa (spinal cord, in Arabic - point of intersection and origin of the two fish represented).

Constellation Period: March 12th to April 17th.

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