Meaning Of The Planets In The Natal Chart

When you make a star chart and come across that complex design, full of weird lines and symbols, it all seems very hard to understand. But it is a matter of knowing what each symbol means within that drawing. The astral chart represents the personality potentials with which a person is born. The symbols on it represent the ten planets of our solar system and each of them shows us a personality trait. Let’s see now, planet by planet, what each one represents and thus take the first steps to understanding the map.


The Sun shows us the sign we know popularly by date of birth. It represents how we show ourselves to the world and what is the strongest and most essential personality energy (trait) we have in us. For example, someone with Sun in Leo has a naturalness to expose himself and show himself as expansive.


The Moon, unlike the Sun, shows us how we feel in our intimate life. It is very much tied to the emotional life and feelings we have when we are alone or in a more private environment. For example, a person with a Cancer Moon inside is a sentimental person and has compassion and willingness to care for others.


It is the planet of thoughts, communication and emotional intelligence. It shows us how we communicate, think and deal with emotions in a more practical way. For example: Mercury in Virgo indicates a person who has a very methodical and organized communication.


Represents relationships and what you like. What attracts you in the world and in others. It is also the planet that shows how we put emotion into what we hold dear. For example: Venus in Aquarius indicates a person who likes all that is creative and out of step, and has the ability to have more relationships based on freedom and friendship.


Show us how we spend energy on everything. From fights to sex, it indicates the way we act and put energy into our actions. For example, someone with Mars in Aries acts extremely impulsively for everything.


It is the planet of benevolence. Show us on the map the energy that helps us, with which we are easy and always available to help us in any situation. For example, a person with Jupiter in Gemini has a good way of communicating, so you can use this ability to benefit from any issues you are experiencing. Communicating will never be a problem for her.


It is the planet that represents the “disciplining teacher.” If Jupiter shows us what makes life easier for us, Saturn shows us what limits us, what challenge we have to overcome to evolve as people. For example, someone with Saturn in Taurus has the challenge of dealing with a Taurean’s work energy and dedication in his daily life so that he can learn important lessons and keep evolving. It won’t be an easy energy to deal with, but when the challenge is overcome, everything gets better.

These are the seven major planets of the astral chart. There are still three more planets that are represented there: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto . But they are more related to a whole generation of people than to their individual personality. Uranus represents how a generation deals with breaking patterns to evolve. Neptune shows how people connect with the spiritual and Pluto shows the unconscious challenges an entire generation has to face.

I hope this article will give you a basic idea of ​​how to interpret each planet on your map. Keep studying and following the texts so that you can increasingly know yourself and get to know others better through astrology.

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