If reincarnation exists, then we can do whatever we want in life because after we die, we will have another life to do other things, correct? Not even a little.

The lives you have had and still have ahead are part of a unique experience of living your divine essence here on Earth. If you live a life according to your essence, you will reap good fruit. But if you live against what is in your nature, it will generate karma. The word karma comes from the Sanskrit root word “kri” and it indicates “action,” and every action has a consequence.

There are several branches of study within astrology. One of them is karmic astrology. This type of astrology tries to discover, through your birth chart and your horoscope, what were the consequences of past lives that you inherited for that life and what is your life’s mission now to “clear your karma.”


The karmic number allows us to correct and settle any outstanding account for mistakes made in past lives. Not all people have karmic numbers, only those who abused the natural and universal laws in their past lives; They can be people who did not dare to do everything they wanted and could, having everything in their favor or what they did had a negative and malicious action for them and their environment.

It is said that karmic numbers are action-reaction, something I did wrong in other lives. In this incarnation, I have to “pay for the broken dishes,” other scholars say that it is simply a task imposed from past lives that could not integrate. Therefore, for this reason, they put the same lesson back on this plane to finish integrating what was not possible from other lives.

All these actions will affect our present and future, and if we can understand our debts generated in past lives and find a balance, we can open paths, and living will be easier.

More than being afraid of a karmic number, it is fabulous to know your energy to live fully. The faster you know your pending task, the faster you will settle your account to live in harmony.

The best way to see this energy is as a tool to help heal and enhance my gifts, integrating something new into my life that gives me peace, understanding, and growth of consciousness.


On your birthday, in your name, in your personality number, soul number, soul expression (outer soul, image), maturity number, or in time stages.

Karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19

I leave you some consequences that you can attract to your life by having these karmic numbers.

Karmic number 13:


Number 13: energy root 4

Death and Resurrection


-People who pass stages and grow up before

their time -Dies their inner child for great lessons.

-I must be the girl my parents want.

-Caught in an emotional circle

-Forgetting the inner child

-No time for fun. That’s not productive

-They tend to be greedy with themselves.

Karmic number 14:


Number 14: energy root 5



- Ups and downs in life

- Loves that start with anger and come to disappointment.

- Climb to fall.

- Win to lose.

- Having to stop having (people, jobs, things, etc.).

- There may be material and emotional losses.

- Live by appearances, that everything is perfect when it is not.

- Wanting to leave but condemned to stay.

Karmic number 16:


Number 16: energy root 7

The Ruin


- Attract deceptions, false friends.

- Dreams not reached

- Loss of the most beloved things

- They do not believe in it.

- Live adversities, misfortunes, or accidents

Karmic number 19:


Number 19: the root of energy 1



- They may not tolerate themselves. They do not allow themselves to be the same.

- Don’t let people be authentic.

- Manipulation of others so that they change as he wants.

- Get into the lives of others to tell them what to do and where to go.

- Lack of independence, autonomy, and leadership.

- Represents Divine Justice. He is the one who does justice according to his thought.


The lunar nodes are what astrologers use to figure out where your destiny will take you (the north node) and who you were in previous incarnations (south node). About once every 18 months, the nodes will change their indications. Your “soul tribe” is comprised of people who were born within the same lunar node group as you. You were incarnated at the same time as them in order to gain the same experiences.

The lunar nodes are the primary point of emphasis in Kabbalistic astrology. According to this interpretation, the karmic adjustment that your soul is obligated to do is referred to as your tikkun, which literally translates to “correction.” In Vedic astrology, Rahu, the north node, and Ketu, the south node, are referred to as the head (Rahu) and tail (Ketu) of the dragon, respectively, and the south node’s karma is viewed in a more severe light. A word to the wise for expectant parents: If you have a child between the ages of 18 and 19 or 36 and 37, you and that child will share the same nodes. And there is a significant probability that the person you date, marry, or work with will have the opposite nodes if they are nine or ten years older or younger than you. This is especially true if you date someone who is nine or 10 years younger than you (for example, if your south node is Virgo and their north node is Virgo). Because you have both mastered what it is that the other person has come to this planet to learn, this zodiac compatibility pairing has the potential to be both powerful and polarizing. If you combine your innate skills, you can be unstoppable.


One way to get some information about this is by looking at the north lunar node on the birth chart. The lunar node is a point in the orbit of the moon. On the map, it symbolizes your life mission, what you must do to deal with past karma, and focus on this reincarnation to live essentially. Below are some possible meanings for the positioning of the northern lunar node in each sign of the zodiac.

Aries North Node

It would help if you worked on your self-confidence and self-assertion in this life. There may have been an abuse of power on your part in past lives, or you may have suffered some abuse of power. That is why you need to learn to affirm yourself in this life with the essential things you have.

Taurus North Node

Material attachment is something that must work on in your current incarnation. If you have had problems with material issues in other lives, it is in this life that you must learn to deal with it more positively, without stinginess or ostentation. Having balance with material possessions is a lifelong challenge.

Gemini North Node

Knowing how to communicate without chatter and mental confusion is one of the missions you have in this life. It may have happened that you used the power of communication for evil in other lives, so now it’s time to use that power for the good of everyone around you.

Cancer North Node

In past lives, it may have happened that you abandoned others or stopped taking care of those who needed your help. In this life, you must care for others and consider everyone before making any decisions in your life.

Leo North Node

One of your missions in this life is to learn to expose yourself for the greater good. Exposure of the sign of Leo may have been used unbalanced in other lives, so now is the time to fix it and learn to use your brilliance for a greater good and not just for your ego.

Virgo North Node

Learn to be organized, and your life will be more essential than others you have ever had. If you’ve had trouble with chaos in past lives, now it’s time to learn how to maintain order. Mess is not in your life plans, so start putting everything in order.

Libra North Node

The lunar node in Libra may indicate that you have had many conflicts in past lives. That is why diplomacy is something to be developed in today’s life. Learn how to make peace with others and don’t leave open fights in your life. Everything must be resolved in the most harmonious way possible. This is one of his missions in the current incarnation.

Scorpio North Node

It may have happened that you were vindictive in past lives. This incarnation is the time to learn to use your social and emotional skills to benefit the greater good. Manipulating others for their benefit should not be part of your plans. Live for a noble purpose in your life, and your mission will be closer to being accomplished.

Sagittarius North Node

One of the missions you have in this life is to give hope to people. They need to believe that the world can be a better place to live. In past lives, you may have done the opposite of that. So now it’s time to learn how to lift the spirits of those who are part of your life.

Capricorn North Node

Discipline will be one of the biggest challenges of your life. This can be karma from a past life without much progress. You will learn how work and persistence can lead you to a more essential and true life.

Aquarius North Node

Friends have an important role in your life. So don’t be afraid to be part of groups of people who strive for the greater good. This can be karma from a past life where you stopped caring for the world you lived in. Now it’s time to reverse that with the help of those you care about.

Pisces North Node

It would help if you learned to be more sensitive in this life. This can be karma from a very hard and loveless past life. Now is the time to value relationships and let emotions flow to love those in your life.




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