Did you know that there is an Arabic Horoscope? That’s right, as, in the zodiac, the signs of the Arabic horoscope are defined according to each person’s date of birth.

Also divided into 12 Decanates, the Arab signs are represented by weapons. They can identify essential personality traits and highlight each person’s most striking characteristics.


According to historians, Arab astrology expanded between the years 750 and 1550 AD.

The first records relating to the Arabic horoscope were located in Sumeria, on the Persian Gulf coast. In this place, around 2700 years before Christ, tablets were found that already contained subjects related to astrology.

The symbols that represent the Arabic signs

Arabic signs are represented through weapons. They are classified into three different types:

Short weapons

: knife, dagger, machete, and Arabic dagger.


weapons: iron mace, Clava, ax, and chain.

Long weapons:

 sword, spear, sling, and bow.


By comprehending the motion of the planets and being able to anticipate their positions in the future, astrology attempts to foretell how the heavenly bodies will affect happenings on Earth. As a result, astrology was regarded as a subfield of astronomy and astrological treatises were written by eminent scholars such Abu Ma’shar al-Balkhi (787-886), al-Biruni, and Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (1201-1274). However, the prevalence of anti-astrology writings written by mediaeval theologians, lawyers, and philosophers suggests that the practice was contentious and not generally regarded as a scientific or moral activity. Many thought that to indicate that factors other than God may influence human events went against the fundamental principles of Islam.

The practice of astrology continued despite this; in fact, astrologers were employed at royal courts to assist rulers in making decisions regarding when to announce an heir, when to launch a military campaign, and how their kingdoms would fare in the future. Astrologers also offered their services in bazaars where anyone could pay for horoscope readings and predictions. To predict their futures, horoscopes were also created at the time that capital cities were founded, such as al-Mahdiyya, the city of the Fatimids, and Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasids.

The ephemeris, a table that lists the positions of celestial objects at a given time, and the dust board (takht), a tablet covered in sand on which calculations could be made and erased, were the astrologer’s three tools. The astrolabe, used to determine the time by measuring the altitude of the sun or any other visible stellar object (91.1.535a-h), the ephemeris, and the dust board were The majority of astrologers received their training by studying under a master, where they gained a foundational understanding of astronomy, mathematics, and the use of astrological instruments. The astrologist would then interpret the signals and what they represented for the client’s future after obtaining the measurements and performing their calculations. These interpretations were based on the extensive corpus of astrological literature, which ranged from treatises that described the psychological attributes associated with each zodiac sign to guides for interpreting signs.


  • Aries: Dagger
  • Taurus: Clava
  • Gemini: Iron Mace
  • Cancer: Machete
  • Leo: Sword
  • Virgo: Knife
  • Libra: Chain
  • Scorpion: Arabian dagger
  • Sagittarius: Arch
  • Capricorn: Spear
  • Aquarius: Funda
  • Pisces: Ax


Dagger - born March 20 to April 20

Honest and straightforward, people born under the sign of dagger tend to be highly loyal to their friends. Ambitious, they always have a goal, which will do everything to be achieved. Guided by emotion, the natives of this sign tend to be very faithful and dedicated to their relationships.

Clava - born from April 21 to May 20

People born in this sign are mostly closed and reserved. Although very dedicated to the family and everyone they love, they do not usually show their feelings. Passionate about nature, the natives of the club love to exercise and take care of their health.

Iron mace - born from May 21 to June 20

Those born in this sign usually occupy leadership positions. Practices, realistic and very pragmatic, are objective and dynamic people. But they have a defect that many people don’t like: they talk too much and have great difficulty keeping secrets.

Machete - born from June 22 to July 20

Very close to family and friends, the natives of the sign of machete are very emotional and sensitive people. They seek to build long-lasting relationships and be very happy in marriage, as they value and strive to construct a home full of peace and balance.

Sword - born from July 22 to August 22

A little authoritarian and arrogant, those born in a sword tend to have difficulty accepting the opinion and limits of others. Ambitious and determined, they do not usually give up easily. Passionate about adventures, they are always looking for something new that will bring you pleasure and adrenaline.

Knife - born from August 23 to September 22

Despite being very rigid and severe, the natives of the knife sign tend to be very careful and affectionate with those they love. They often face difficulty in giving the arm to cheer, and their possessiveness makes it almost impossible.

Chain - born from September 23 to October 22

A little childish, those born under the current sign love to draw attention. Passionate about tranquility and balance, they are usually romantic, calm, and very faithful people. They love to receive a lot of attention and affection, whoever comes.

Arab dagger - born from October 23 to November 21

Intense and very intuitive, Arab dagger people are capable of exuding sensuality. Passionate and intense, they do not give up an overwhelming passion. But beware, they can be highly vindictive people if they feel betrayed.

Bow - born from November 22 to December 21

Very brave, people born in the bow are powerful and intelligent. Freedom lovers love going out in search of the new. They have an excellent facility to communicate, so they tend to be highly sociable people and are constantly surrounded by friends.

Spear - born from December 22 to January 21

The natives of this sign cannot standstill. Creative and determined, they usually fight tooth and nail to get everything they want. They love to receive affection, but they have great difficulty when it comes to giving back. Because of this, they are seen as shy and somewhat closed people.

Funda - born from January 21 to February 19

Great dreamers, those born in the sign of funda, tend to be quite creative. Little connected to money and material wealth, they place a high value on the intelligence and creative ability of the people around them. Demand and pursuit of excellence are undoubtedly its strengths.

Ax - born from February 20 to March 20

Extremely sensitive, those born in the ax sign deserve extra attention. Sensitive and intuitive, they tend to be people who are readily involved in the problem of others. In love, they tend to be faithful but a little paranoid about their partner.

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