Why You Should Believe in Astrology (and How to Get Started)

Every horoscope phrase in a newspaper, magazine, or on TV can make you less inclined to believe in astrology. This is quite normal. Unfortunately, astrology has fallen out of favor, and many people think it’s just for esoteric folks and makes no real difference. But astrology is actually a serious and worthwhile study. Here are some arguments that might help you understand what astrology is and why it deserves a chance:

The Long History Argument

Astrology has been around for more than 6,000 years. If a field of study has lasted that long, there must be some truth to it. If astrology were just an invention for afternoon TV shows, it wouldn’t have persisted for millennia.

The Power Argument

For centuries, kings, queens, and emperors consulted astrologers before making important decisions and even deciding whether to go to war. If decisions that put the lives of an entire population at risk were made with the help of astrology, there must be something valuable to this practice.

The Math Behind the Magic

Contrary to popular belief, astrology isn’t based on intuition or psychic predictions. It’s based on mathematical calculations of the positions of the planets from Earth’s perspective, correlated with symbols called signs.

Beyond the Sun Sign

Many people don’t identify with their sun signs and therefore dismiss astrology. But a serious astrological study involves drawing a celestial chart that includes all the planets in the solar system and the angles between them, calculating their positions relative to Earth and astrological symbols. In other words, your sun sign is just a tiny part of a much more complex and in-depth analysis. A birth chart is unique to each person, just like their personality.

Finding Reputable Sources

Unfortunately, astrology has gained a bad reputation because of misleading or unskilled astrologers. Like any profession, there are good and bad practitioners. The generic horoscopes and failed predictions you see often come from unreliable sources, leading people to believe that’s all astrology is. But it’s not. There are many professional and trustworthy astrologers out there. Look for good references, and you’ll find someone who can have an honest conversation about how astrology can help you.

Astrology and Religion

Many people avoid astrology because they don’t subscribe to any religion and think it’s inherently religious. However, astrology exists independently of religion. People of all faiths, including atheists, can study it. Astrology is closer to an exact science than a philosophical or spiritual study, making it accessible to skeptical people who don’t follow religions.

The Power of Self-Knowledge

Astrology isn’t just about predicting the future. It’s a tool for self-knowledge. We all seek to evolve and improve. Astrology can be used to understand ourselves and others better, which can be a valuable advantage. Self-knowledge helps us serve the world better and find greater happiness. So, if you’re still skeptical about astrology, take a test, do some research – not for others, but for yourself.

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