How Each Zodiac Sign Reacts To Astral Hell?

Despite not being a critical period, astral hell has been part of the collective imagination and common sense since the beginning of the 20th century. Before that, there is no astrological record of this expression and also nothing to indicate that the 30 days before his birthday is a bad period in itself.

However, what can happen is that this period becomes a negative astrological cycle, so much so that people have become accustomed to being resentful during these days. What we throw into the universe is what it returns to us, and if we indicate fear, fear, and negative thoughts, this will probably be reversed and, thus, reinforce the idea of astral hell. We can also think that it is a period when we must recharge our energies for the beginning of a new personal year, and then, perhaps, we will not present the best portion of ourselves.

That said, shall we play a little? Have you ever thought about how each sign reacts to this period (or any other negative period) so feared? Check with us, then:

Astral hell of Aries

If an Aries is naturally a difficult person, in a negative astrological cycle it is better not to be close to a native of this sign. The characteristic impulsiveness can turn into aggressiveness and it will hit anyone around you, without the slightest ceremony.

Astral hell of Taurus

You are sure that everyone in the world is to blame for your ailments and you feel deeply wronged and unlucky for it. You will never look at yourself as responsible for what is going on and you will hardly get out of this phase anytime soon.

Astral hell of Gemini

As he loves to talk, he will bother everyone around him with his daily complaints. Restless by nature, he will also be undecided and feel completely out of orbit. The bad mood alternates with an even worse mood and the Gemini will make sure everyone knows it.

Astral hell of Cancer

If you live with a Cancerian, you know that he loves drama and lives with great intensity all year long; in astral hell or any negative astrological cycle, it gets even stronger. The world seems even more unfair and the need for affection and understanding is only emphasized.

Astral hell of Leo

If in the other months of the year he likes to be highlighted, in these 30 days before his birthday, Leo needs to be the center of attention all the time. Each time he turns his attention to another person, he will have a nervous breakdown and explode for no apparent reason. Get ready!

Astral hell of Virgo

He is completely paranoid and takes his perfectionism to the extreme. Anyone with OCD would be uncomfortable with the Virgo’s need to control things at this stage.

Astral hell of Libra

Librans don’t know how to deal with conflicts, so imagine a long period full of them. The natives of Libra will be screwed, as they will be in the most indecisive phase of the year. In this period, not being able to decide will even bother them.

Astral hell of Scorpio

Imagine an unpleasant person. The Scorpio during astral hell is even worse. They will not make the slightest point of even being put up with by other people. Sincerity, often exacerbated, will be on the tip of the tongue.

Astral hell of Sagittarius

He believes so much in the negativity of the period that he ends up transforming his life into real chaos. As he cannot remain isolated, he will continue to have a great social life but will be avoided by friends and there, he will discount all frustration in food or shopping.

Astral hell of Capricorn

The pessimism that always visits him will change his suitcase and care for the Capricorn’s mind during this period. The natives of this sign will not even try to start anything, as they already know that nothing will work. Never waste time trying to convince them otherwise. It is best to avoid fatigue.

Astral hell of Aquarius

He lives in a dilemma: he distances himself from everyone, but he needs everyone. Isolation and want fight deeply and the Aquarian simply does not know how to deal with it. It becomes cold and causes doubt in people who know you and do not see you in that person.

Astral hell of Pisces

Use the escape from reality again to get over adversity. You can pretend that none of this is happening, or you can believe that everything is much worse than it looks. It depends on the story you want to tell.




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