Those who decide to analyze their birth chart for the first time may be frightened by the presence of some empty houses. First of all, it is necessary to understand that this is part of the map. After all, there are ten planets for 12 houses. That is, there will always be empty houses. The absence of planets does not mean that you will have problems in this regard or that nothing will happen in your life. For example, an empty house 1 is not a sign that you have no personality.

After the scare is over, it’s time to understand what that means. An empty house means that you will not spend energy on that aspect of your life. It may mean few emotions or that it will not be a priority for you. For example, an empty seventh house is not a sign of an absence of relationships but perhaps just a quiet romance without major upheavals. A second empty house is not a sign of poverty, but the search for money or material values does not attract your attention.


An empty house may require more effort on your part to develop that aspect. This has a lot to do with the position the house occupies on the map. The absence of planets in angular houses ( first, fourth, tenth and seventh ) indicates difficulties in taking the first step and starting projects. Successive empty houses ( second, fifth, eighth and eleventh ) sign that the person has difficulty focusing on the final result of his actions or making long-term plans. Falling empty houses ( third, sixth, ninth and twelfth ) empty indicate that they tend not to learn from past experiences.

To interpret the tendencies in an empty house of the zodiac sign, it is necessary to analyze the position of the planet ruling the sign of the cusp of that house (cusps are the lines that determine the beginning of each astrological house) since the experiences governed by it will be taken to the house where he is. Then, the location and aspect of the planet will give indications about the experiences that the person will live.

Above all, it is necessary to understand that the birth chart is not static. Our life experiences and time alter the transit of the planets on our map and, thus, the energy cycle of each house. When a planet enters a hitherto empty house, we must pay more attention to that aspect. Therefore, only a complete analysis of the map can determine different characteristics at each stage of our life.




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