To find out the future, women use divination by menstruation. To do this, they take into account the day and date of the week and the starting time of the menstrual cycle. The lunar phases and beliefs are important, they are associated with this period. It is not difficult to find out the predictions, the method does not require any special skills.

Menstrual Fortune Telling


For a woman, fortune telling by menstruation should be performed, following certain recommendations:

  • Perform the process on critical days, on the day they start.
  • Do this only once during a monthly cycle.
  • To clarify the prediction, use several methods.
  • Do not tell anyone about the results of physiological divination.

Prediction methods for the time of the onset of menstruation are suitable for adolescents, girls, and aged women also. It is necessary to more accurately determine the moment when the discharge appears first, then the probability of the correct result will increase significantly. The prediction ends after the start of a new menstrual cycle. To further find out your future, you need to divine anew.

For busy girls, there is a way that will not take much time - this is online fortune telling based on the data of the beginning of menstruation. It is worth finding the site you want, enter the information and click the “guess” button. The program will give the result.


This method is used when the beginning of menstruation is determined by the clock. The interpretation does not depend on whether it is night or daytime outside. The meaning is deciphered by 12 hours:

  1. Joyful events await the next month, a favorable period is coming.
  2. It is worth considering your words. You can not spend time on a person who causes a feeling of irritation. Soon interest in him will disappear.
  3. Conflict situations are possible. To prevent them, you need to think about the consequences of their behavior. Better to be discreet.
  4. Good luck will be a good companion. Desires will come true. The coming month will be one of the best in the year.
  5. There are unexpected events ahead, but they will be pleasant.
  6. It is worth taking a closer look at the surroundings. Vigilance will help prevent unnecessary talk and gossip.
  7. A loving confession awaits ahead. A secret admirer will show true feelings.
  8. You should not show groundless jealousy. Better to find out the real state of affairs.
  9. This month will bring slander. It is worth monitoring your behavior and keeping your distance so as not to give too much reason for gossip.
  10. You will be falling in love.
  11. You shouldn’t be jealous though. The partner is faithful in the relationship.
  12. Do not go far in search of the chosen one. Your partner is very close.

Divination by the time of day

Determining at what time of the day the critical days began is much easier than fixing the exact time. The interpretation is:

  1. Morning (until 11 o’clock) - a woman expects a complete understanding with loved ones. Relations with the conflicting side will improve.
  2. Noon (11:00 - 13:00) - success in all endeavors, a good mood is guaranteed.
  3. After lunch (14:00 - 17:00) - you should trust your intuition. Carefulness and prudence will help prevent troubles.
  4. Evening (18:00 to 21:00) - the beginning of the menstrual cycle at this time promises conflicts and setbacks. Loneliness and blues lie ahead. Such a state will help to value joyful moments in life more.
  5. Night (from 21:00 to 9:00) - an unexpected event will happen that does not bode well. In order not to be disappointed in people, it is better to prepare for deceptions and quarrels.


If, nevertheless, it was not possible to determine the exact time, use another option. You can guess the monthly, taking into account the day on which they started.

With critical days that began on Monday, the probability that luck smiles on you is 50% - 50%. The beginning of the week is always different chores and bustle. But do not be upset about this: someone is preparing an expensive present for the fortuneteller.

If the first day is Tuesday, you should wait for a meeting with a person from whom you have not heard for a long time. There is a chance of radical changes in life.

The onset of menstruation on Wednesday means an unfavorable period ahead. There will be problems that will require a lot of effort to solve. If you do not give up and bring the matter to an end, you will be able to emerge victorious from the situation.

Menstruation appeared on Thursday - awaiting the celebration of an important event in a large company. Care should be taken because it often ends in trouble.

Menstruation began on Friday - a good omen. Happy news awaits the woman. If you want to change your life, you should make every effort. This is a favorable period for drastic steps.

Saturday is a harbinger of good events. In the coming month, many problems will be solved without much difficulty. The cherished wish will come true. Some will have a marriage proposal.

With women’s days, started on Sunday, the forecast speaks of the beginning of a favorable period. Even difficulties that arise will be resolved instantly.


The interpretation of the monthly by numbers will also tell a lot about the upcoming month.

First half of the month

To find out whether the fortune-telling on menstruation is true, it is worth checking the following decoding of numbers:

  • 1 - the girls expect many pleasant meetings and joyful events, they will bring a lot of positive emotions.
  • 2 - someone from others will not live up to the trust shown and will disappoint.
  • 3 - a conflict situation awaits, which should be immediately resolved peacefully, otherwise it will bring many problems.
  • 4 - the desired events will finally happen.
  • 5 - a loved one will present a pleasant surprise.
  • 6 - one of the people around is gossiping about the fortuneteller, trying to slander.
  • 7 - soon the girl will learn about sincere feelings for herself from the side of a young man who has been hiding them for a long time.
  • 8 - jealousy will fill the mind in the next month.
  • 9 - it is worth taking a closer look at others, because one of them is trying to destroy the love relationship between a woman and her partner.
  • 10 - if the girl does not have a chosen one, this month she will experience a feeling of love, if there is, a new stage will begin in the relationship.

Second half of the month

The start date of women’s days is as follows:

  • 11 - jealousy is inappropriate this month, it is better to completely trust your man.
  • 12 - there will be a strong attraction ahead, but it is worth making sure that this is not a love spell.
  • 13 - harmony and peace of mind during the menstrual cycle can not be found.
  • 14 - awaiting good news.
  • 15 - a husband (chosen one) if not married then a boyfriend will show not the best character traits, an unpleasant surprise from one of them is provided.
  • 16 - it is worth watching your speech: rash words can become a reason for gossip.
  • 17 - separation from a loved one awaits ahead, the date does not indicate anything about the reason and duration of separation.
  • 18 - unmarried girls will have the opportunity to enter into a legal marriage, whereas married women are expected to have a new phase in their relationship.
  • 19 - you should not rush headlong into a new novel: the chosen one has no serious intentions.
  • 20 - you need to be careful, that a partner or friend is not deceiving you.

Third half of the month

To interpret the date when the countdown of a new menstrual cycle begins, is:

  • 21 - insincerity is the enemy of love relationships, so it is better to be honest with the chosen one.
  • 22 - the upcoming month will pass safely.
  • 23 - the feeling of euphoria will not leave the entire menstrual cycle, it will be as saturated with joyful events as possible.
  • 24 - someone from friends has long wanted to visit, so you should wait for the arrival of friends.
  • 25 - there is an acquaintance with a young man with whom a love affair is possible in the future.
  • 26 - this month will give a close friend who knows what loyalty and reliability are.
  • 27 - the date promises the fulfillment of a dream with the assistance of a person who suddenly appears in the girl’s life.
  • 28 - on the personal front, everything will be stable, and career success is guaranteed; so there will be no need for money.
  • 29 - there will be a problem that cannot be dealt with by yourself, so it is better to ask relatives for help.
  • 30 - waiting for an acquaintance with an interesting young man who will enter the girl’s life for a long time.
  • 31 - a trip is ahead, but you should monitor your behavior so that it does not become a reason for leaving.


Regarding love relationships, fortune-telling by menstruation is the 2nd variant of predictions by time of day. If the critical days began in the morning, the coming month will give you a feeling of falling in love. Menstruation that begins in the afternoon portends good luck in love and other areas of life.

From the discharge that appeared in the evening, they learn about upcoming troubles. There will be an opportunity to soberly assess relations with a partner. Difficulties will be associated with lies, jealousy, and betrayal. Divination by menstruation for love portends a secret relationship, if menstruation begins at night. Skeletons in a closet can destroy a love affair.


More truthful fortune-telling by the monthly is carried out according to the lunar calendar (it differs from the ordinary one). When the first discharge appears, they look into it. If the dates match the numbers 1, 12, 13, 14, 19, 23, 26 and 29, the result may not be confirmed. On all other days, predictions are distinguished by their truthfulness.

Also at the beginning of menstruation, the future is foreshadowed, given the phases of the moon:

  1. Growing - good news awaits, it will be easy to implement your plan.
  2. Full moon - a cherished dream will come true soon.
  3. Decreasing - troubles are coming.


To find out about the future, they use not only fortune telling on menstruation. Over time, different generations have formed different beliefs based on observations. They read as follows:

  1. If the period began later than the deadline, then everything will be stable. Don’t wait for changes.
  2. Allocations that appear on time indicate events that will occur according to what has been planned. Dreams will come true.
  3. Menstruation, which began unexpectedly, portends a radical change in life.
  4. If critical days began on the wedding day, this promises a difficult life for the children of the bride. To neutralize the prediction, a special ritual is performed.

Women often used menstrual blood to produce dryers. The description of the method is found today in different sources. For this, menstruation should be added to the man’s drink. After that, he becomes attached to the girl on a subconscious level.


This variant of fortune telling on monthly menses provides for the connection of the day of the week (the beginning of critical days) with the signs of the zodiac. They are attributed to different elements:

  • Fire - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
  • Earth - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
  • Water - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.
  • Air - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.


There are different types of fortune telling. One of them is taken seriously, the second is used for entertainment. For the first group, tarot cards, runes, and playing cards are used. For the second category - numbers, coffee grounds, etc.

To many, the old way of fortune telling by menstruation seems strange, but most of the predictions come true. To check the effectiveness of the method, it is worth checking it.

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