List of The Most Popular Astrology Movies (Films)

Watching movies is a great way to get to know and get to know more about subjects that we like and is also a good opportunity for entertainment with relevant content.

In astrology, many films can be seen for different purposes, such as getting to know a little more about the profession of astrologer, to learn more about the signs of the Zodiac or so many other things. But, as in all segments, there are some features that stand out more than others. For this reason, the we have prepared a list of five quality films that are worth watching. Check out!

Astrology Movie - The Sign of the City

The story takes place in São Paulo and shows the lives of very different characters: Gil, played by Malvino Salvador, is married, but the feeling of loneliness never leaves him. Denise Fraga plays Lydia, who is always willing to take chances on new adventures.

Monica, a character lived by Graziella Moretto approaches people out of interest and wants, above all, to get along in life. Josialdo, lived by Sidney Santiago, has the dream of becoming a woman and, therefore, is a transvestite. They all have one thing in common: they listen every night to the radio program “O Signo da Cidade”, by astrologer Teca, the last main character in the plot, played by Bruna Lombardi.

Teak always receives messages from his listeners and tries to help them solve their problems and find ways for them to better deal with their frustrations. But in addition, Teca also needs to deal with his own personal dilemmas and, with time, he begins to realize that it is impossible to help everyone, so he ends up leaving the fate of others to the Astros.

Astrology Movie - The Stars Show Me You

“The Stars Show Me You” is a Brazilian romantic comedy, produced in 2008, which tells the story of two young people who are in the last year of school and who have several dilemmas with their family, the future and, of course, the love they feel for each other.

Because they live in completely different situations, Vitor and Júlia face difficulties to be able to be together and experience the intense love they feel. In approximately 90 minutes, the film explains the uncertainties of the couple, who look for answers looking at the sky. They trust that the stars have a lot to say and many answers to get through.

Astrology Film - Five Star Day

This film tells the story of Jake Gibson, played by Cam Gigandet. Jake is in his final year of studies at UC Berkeley. On a Friday, which is also his birthday, he hasn’t even started preparing an important presentation of a college assignment that will be on Monday. But he is not too concerned, as everything in his life has worked out to this day, including having a great job and a wonderful girlfriend.

Until, this same Friday, Jake’s horoscope predicts a “five-star day” (in English, the expression that gives name to the feature). After that, the boy’s life turns upside down and everything goes wrong. From there, Jake Gibson tries to debunk the astrological predictions. But the opposite happens, and he starts to understand the world much better and to accept his path and destiny, as he studies astrology. The film was directed and produced by Danny Buday in 2010 in the United States.

Astrology Film - Celestial bodies

“Corpos Celestes” is a film from the year 2011, which tells the story of Francisco (played by Rodrigo Cornelsen), a boy who, on a trip to Richard’s house (played by Antar Rohit), finds a telescope and, with this instrument, starts looking at the stars.

From then on, an overwhelming passion in astronomy and science began in his life. This passion for the stars runs throughout his life and, as an adult, this love evolves into study and career. But everything becomes an obsession and Francisco (as an adult played by Dalton Vigh), when he becomes an astronomer, ends up leaving his personal life aside. When Diana (Carolina Holanda) comes into her life, Francisco needs to deal with the clash between his feelings for her and all his cosmic and scientific knowledge.

This love story then discusses the debate between reason and emotion, science and feelings in an effusive and present way throughout the film. It is worth watching this film, which was the most awarded Brazilian film production - both nationally and internationally - between 2008 and 2009.

Astrology Film - The Sign of Scorpio

This film tells the story of a famous astrologer named Alex, who gathers friends (all of them from different signs, so there is at least one representative of each sign of the Zodiac) on his super-luxurious island so that everyone could participate in the launch of his book about astrology. During the launch party, one of her invited friends is mysteriously killed. Isolated on the island, despair grips everyone when other deaths happen one after the other, without any clue as to who the killer is. The film is from 1974, is an hour and a half long and is considered a suspense.

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