Solar Eclipse Definition - What it is, Meaning and History

The Solar Eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the Moon is placed between the Earth and the Sun. In this position, it is able to hide, totally or partially, the light coming from the Sun.

The history of the Solar Eclipse

According to studies, the first solar eclipse happened 23 years after the rise of King Shulgi, from Babylon. Research indicates that the phenomenon occurred on May 9, 2138 BC

Other research, more accepted by scholars, identified that the first solar eclipse occurred only on June 4, 780 BC, in China.

But leaving history a little aside and talking about astrology, the solar eclipse is a phenomenon that brings important influences on the zodiac and astrological information.

The Solar Eclipse in Astrology

The solar eclipse always occurs on the Moon in its new phase. It is at this moment when we do not see the Sun, that is, a moment considered as of darkness .

The solar eclipse brings important revelations, surprises and changes. In this lunar moment, there are always situations that deserve attention and some care. The eclipse moment moves emotions a lot. Along with it, hidden situations can surface for urgent and immediate solution.

It is also considered a good time to review values, standards and set goals. Changing the intensity of emotions and actions, the decisions made during this period tend to be intense and, in some cases, extreme.

How to cross the Solar Eclipse with tranquility

The best tip to face the difficulties presented during this period is to listen, with enough intensity, to the voice of intuition . In the solar eclipse, it is important to pay attention to the feelings and value the sensations and presentiments that usually come with greater intensity.

During the period of the solar eclipse, it is also important to pay attention to dreams  , they are responsible for bringing important messages and that can present solutions to problems and situations that need change.

Breathtaking passions also tend to happen during the period of the solar eclipse. Due to the intensity of the feelings, many people tend to indulge much more in a relationship. But be careful, just as the beginning can bring uncontrollable desires, the end can also stir in the depths.

Tips on what not to do in the week of Solar Eclipse

Don’t start new businesses: wait for the period to pass and plan again everything that needs to be done.

Don’t marry: prefer to schedule your wedding day for a date after solar eclipse.

Don’t say everything you think: be careful when expressing your feelings and opinions. As the period brings a lot of intensity to the emotions, it is possible that the statements made during that time are loaded with too much effective charge.

Do not believe everything they say or what you think they say about you: because you are more susceptible to emotions, it is normal to create expectations and fantasies about the opinion and behavior of other people. Be careful! You may be exaggerating, whatever the situation.

Now that you know a little more about the importance and influences of the solar eclipse, look in the calendar when the next one will happen and plan your activities and alignments in relation to this important and powerful astrological moment.

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