Ascendant, Solar Sign And Lunar Sign: What's The Difference?

When we make a star chart, it is noted that there are several symbols scattered throughout the chart drawing. These symbols represent the planets of the solar system and in which sign each one is. And so each one indicates a characteristic of your personality. In this article, we will explain three of the key map points that you must understand to understand your personality and potentials. Find out what each one means:

Sun sign

The sun sign is what we popularly know to be our sign. It is the easiest to find out because it is the one that everyone knows according to the day and month you were born. On the astral chart it is represented by the sun symbol. In relation to personality and energy potentials that the person can develop, the sun sign represents how we show ourselves to the world. What is the energy that we can easily emanate to others.

For example , someone with a sun in Libra shows himself as a righteous person and can inspire justice in those around him.


The ascendant on the birth chart is represented by the cusp of the first square on the chart. It represents what energy (or psychological trait) we have come to develop in this life. It is the trait we do not have mastery of yet, but we must learn to master that energy throughout life. Therefore, this characteristic usually begins to appear more clearly after 28 years of age.

For example , someone with a Capricorn background has come in this life with a mission to learn to handle responsibility and is likely to be better off after age 28.

Note : The Ascendant can only be discovered on the map if you have the right time of your birth.

Lunar sign

In the astral chart is represented by the positioning of the moon. The moon represents how we are within ourselves and how we really feel. It is a planet connected with emotions, intuition and sensitivity. If the sun indicates how we show ourselves to others, the moon indicates how we are when we are in a more private environment and how we feel inside.

For example , someone with an Aries moon feels a great impulse energy and initiative within her, even if she doesn’t openly show it to everyone.

Understanding how these three traits on the chart work well is the first step for you to use astrology for self-awareness and to help others know more about themselves. Good studies!

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