What are 5 facts about the summer solstice?

The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer and is the longest day of the year. The symbolic side of the date represents the moment when the sun’s power is strongest all year round. Taking into consideration the significance for astrology, we can interpret it as a date where truths are full and all that is true can manifest. The summer solstice takes place in the northern hemisphere around June 21 and in the southern hemisphere around December 21.

In 2016 a rare phenomenon occurred in the northern hemisphere: the moon was full on the same day as the summer solstice on June 20. Check out 5 curiosities about this phenomenon.


This phenomenon has not happened since 1967. Now it will only happen again in the northern hemisphere around 2046. It shows how rare it is to have the solstice energy in line with the power of the full moon. For astrology lovers, it is even more curious and remarkable to celebrate the solstice with the full moon lit.


This is the day of the year when the sun has its maximum energetic power that can emanate for us. So it is natural to feel more confident, willing and expressive on that day. In relation to the full moon, it is a time when energies are emanating fertility and everything that is asked for with that energy has a positive energetic influence for you to get what you want. So it is a very propitious phenomenon to make requests and seek the manifestation of your truths and your dreams.


Ancient pagans and neopagans celebrate the Litha festival on the summer solstice. It is a celebration that celebrates all the power of the sun and large bonfires are lit with plenty and joy. Litha can usually be celebrated during the day to highlight the power of the sun, but with the same day full moon phenomenon it can also be celebrated at night to highlight this rare event and thus also receive the full moon energies in the rituals.

Good emotions

This is a phenomenon that brings positive energies to people. It is a time where fears, insecurities and worries are put aside. Happiness and hope become more evident and it is a great time to bring out the truest dreams we want to make.


Regardless of belief or religion, the full moon Midsummer is an astronomical phenomenon. As for astrology, we know of the energetic influence that the sun and moon indicate. Then we can identify it as a great moment of peace between people. Even if they don’t believe in the solstice, energy flows to everyone and a day of peace is most likely to happen.

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