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We are sure that this cycle is going to be perpetuated and it may lead us to carry out scientific work to establish certain realities that have already been verified, but with a more certain and proven security. Here we introduce you to some of the characters who have contributed to the advancement of astrology until today.

The astrology of the Chaldeans was transformed in ancient Greece by separating it from religion and developing its symbolic richness. Freedom of thought in relation to religious dogmas brings them closer to a more mathematical view of the universe. Astrology becomes individualized and takes flight. From then on, the traditional astrologer unites individual psychology with the universe.

The Great Astrologers From The Past


Ptolemy born around 90 AD writes the bible of astrology. With his work Tetrabiblos, he exerts a great influence on the study of the stars. In it there are seven planets, since Uranus, Neptune and Pluto had not yet been discovered. Ptolemy thinks that astrology is like a variable medicine depending on the horoscope of each one. This also includes parents, country, and education as influencing factors in each individual, as well as the position of the planets in their birth chart.


Plato, born in 429 or 430 BC, provides a concept according to which all terrestrial and celestial bodies participate in the soul of the world. According to his doctrine, which has a great influence on astrology, the planets are living beings; the world itself is an animal, the spherical shape being the symbol of perfection. The laicization of astrology takes away its religious character to become a science of its own. But despite these tendencies, it retains a consecrated part that is found in Greek culture; the particularities of the planets are, from this period, those of the gods of Olympus.


Nostradamus born in the year 1503 brings an evolution to astrology according to the medicine in the medieval West. His famous work commonly known as “Centuries” which contains his predictions, is well known, than his astrological works. For him, astrology is a mathematical support for the inspiration of the mediums. Astrologer of the court of King Carlos IX, he works with the phases of the moon, the seasons of the year (equinoxes and solstices) and with eclipses. Nostradamus describes the phases of the moon and interprets the planetary aspects that he draws from the ephemeris, among which he prefers those of Carellus, Molétiuis, Léowitz, Simus and Stadius.

André Barbault

This passionate astrologer born in 1921 is a committed practitioner who seeks to open an enlightening path in astrology, to illuminate the different labyrinths of this art. He publishes an array of works with a very particular expression that distinguishes him from the rest of the astrological production, free of clichés and repetitions, which allows to open the doors of the human psyche, in parallel to the notion of destiny. He is the author of the theory of the planetary concentration index, in which he measures the distance of the planets from the solar system. According to him, this represents a key in world astrology; it represents the distribution coefficient of the planets around the Sun.

Michel Gauquelin

This astrologer, born in 1928, has left us statistical studies that demonstrate the validity of certain fundamentals of astrology. The character and orientation of the destiny of each one are, according to his works, undeniable, since he demonstrates it through a radically scientific methodology. Their work resembles Kepler’s in the sense that they both seek to establish a correlation between planetary orbits and compositions of the musical range and the five perfect platonic solids of geometry. Gauquelin presents statistics that provide thousands of births of people by socio-professional categories, which highlight the influence of the stars in the angles of the sky (House I, House IV, House VII, House X) of each person.

Catherine Aubier

Catherine Aubier is an astrologer specialized in astro-psychology and couple astrology. This is the astrologer who democratizes this science from the angle of romantic relationships through her work and its dissemination with four published works, of which millions of copies have been sold. His work for various associations has contributed to the progress of astrological research and has managed to unite psychology and astrology with clarity and concession. Their active participation and the creation of astrology programs have strongly supported the movement for the democratization of astrology, for a better knowledge, not only of the future, but also of our psyche.

Rob brezsny

The astrologer Rob Brezsny evolves in a totally atypical advance. In his horoscopes he refers to cinematographic and literary works, which allows his readers to understand vast concepts with few words. This is what Michel de Nostradamus did in his time, with the cultural references of that time throughout the centuries, but these were not accessible to everyone.

Rob Brezsny has the merit of having known how to adapt his language to the common cultural environment, especially in the West. The poetic character of their horoscopes allow them to gently spread messages of prime importance, lightly; making it accessible to all. His willingness not to depress his readers and to be faithful at the same time to the planetary transits he surely, evokes great admiration.

He stands out among most modern astrologers, since they extract interpretations that are too gloomy or pessimistic, and that do not provide any helpful outputs. Its reception around the world gives it the freedom and simplicity that generate so much excitement.

Astrology in the Modern Age

Astrology is widely democratized at the dawn of the twentieth century. In fact, the great names in astrology publish works that popularize astrology to make its secrets more easily understood and thus make it accessible to all. Other astrologers take over to spread it to the general public. Throughout its evolution, we meet key characters who have made a great contribution to this science, to this day. We are sure that this cycle is going to be perpetuated and it may lead us to carry out scientific work to establish certain realities that have already been verified, but with a more certain and proven security. Here we introduce you to some of the characters who have contributed to the advancement of astrology until today.

Like all segments of life, astrology goes hand in hand with the human being in this trajectory of technological evolution of the 21st century. Today, in addition to the predictions found in newspapers, for example, people can access this on websites, digital magazines, and now even online video channels. With the rise of the digital segment, some astrologers became very famous, especially on the web. Below you will know a little more about the work of some of them!

Famous Astrologists Susan Miller from The United States

Susan is one of the most famous astrologers in the world today. That’s because, among other reasons, she writes many predictions indeed! Susan has a legion of fans all over the world, mostly in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Turkey, and Brazil.

She has her own website, and also a mobile app, which bears the same name as the web page - and the best: the app is free! There is no way not to enjoy it, right?

Best Astrologer Elsa Panizzon

Elsa Panizzon known more commonly as Elsa Elsa. She’s been reading astrology and blogging for nearly two decades. Her contributors have similar levels of experience. One of the best parts about her blog, aside from the quality of readings, is the frequency of the readings.

Famous Astrologist Myna Mello from Brazil

Myna Mello is an astrologer from Brazil who is known for the good humor of her predictions. The Brazilian is extremely careful and detailed in making predictions, and so that’s why she is highly regarded as well. Her site has over 100,000 monthly visits. Her passion for astrology comes from the cradle, because her godmother is an astrologer and, with her, she learned a lot about the universe while growing up. The astrologer publishes horoscopes in various media and offers astrology courses!

Famous European Astrologist Marco Pesatori

Born in 1952 in Italian territories, Marco Pesatori is a writer and astrologer. She also has her own website, named after her own name, plus she has five books already published on astrology. Marco is also a contributor to Vogue Italy and various newspapers and radios in the boot country. Marco’s predictions can be read daily in English and Italian. Being one of the most famous astrologers in all of Europe, Pesatori makes predictions even for the footballing world! Seems too much, doesn’t it?

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