Stellium: What Is It And How Does It Affect The Birth Chart?

Have you heard of Stellium? Not yet? So you need to know this one who is one of the newest darlings of celebrities in the astrological world.

Used by 8 out of 10 artists worldwide, Stellium is one of the new astral mentors. The occult is still not very popular, but it has conquered a huge number of followers and fans.

What is Stellium

Also known as Multiple Conjunction, Stellium is responsible for grouping three or more planets in the same sign.

These three aligned planets create their emphasis and action, increasing the importance of the sign and the house in which they are located.

Considering that Mercury, Venus, and Sun are almost always very close, the participation of another planet is necessary for the Stellium to be considered accurate. His presence on the natal chart can present important information related to each person’s personality traits and behavior.

The meaning of Stellium has the same basis for the three planets, even if they are inside or in the same house and not in the same sign.

What Stellium identifies

He extols the qualities of the sign, whether positive or negative.

The planets of a Stellium can create a connection between them, thus causing different characteristics to that person’s personality.

At Stellium, there is a transmission and combination of influences related to each planet. This is an essential factor in the interpretation of the personality and synastries and predictions for each person.

In the study of Stellium, it is essential to identify which is the main planet, and this information is essential in defining the principles and rules related to the study.

In this assessment, the astrologer usually analyzes several criteria. The location of the planet, its accentuation, its transits, and processes are analyzed. The last planet of the Stellium is responsible for describing the potential and form of transits faced by each one.

Analyzing a Stellium

Positive characteristics

: when a Stellium positively praises a sign, it is possible to identify strong characteristics linked to the concentration of energy, focus, and self-motivation. If he has a solid positive performance on the natal chart, it can quickly identify his main talents and skills.

Negative characteristics

: linked to limitation, obsession, imbalance, the negative characteristics influenced by Stellium usually bring postures and actions related to the lack of objectivity, difficulty in making commitments, in addition to compulsive behaviors and possible crises of selfishness and jealousy.

In summary, we can say that Stellium is responsible for identifying the most robust and most striking characteristics of each sign. With the identification and study of the Stellium, it is possible to know well the characteristic that stands out in each person’s personality.

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