Who Would You Be In The Game Of Thrones House According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Game of Thrones (GOT) is an American series that has been very successful around the world since it was released. The series, based on the saga of books by the writer George RR Martin, shows struggles between groups of people (the houses) so that they can win the Iron Throne of Westeros.

With many elements of magic, battles and religion, Game of Thrones has already won the hearts of many people, becoming a true addiction. And of course, something that most people like so much could not be overlooked by astrology.

Yes, even GOT can be related to astrology. Are you wondering how? Well, we will answer your question. Below, we list the houses in the series and with which sign of the Zodiac each one fits and why. Are you curious to find out? Read on and see which house in the show has more to do with your sign and find out which group you would fight for to get the Iron Throne.

Aries: Casa Martell

Aryans full of hands, the Martells are, above all, themselves. They do not allow themselves to be changed by others, they are intelligent, stubborn (what they decide is decided) and extremely strong warriors. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” could be considered a philosophy for them, as well as the expression “having blood in their eyes”, which is very fitting to describe them. After all, what other house could get rid of dragons?

Taurus: Casa Baratheon

Someone who belongs to the Baratheon house is a true Taurean: strong, proud, extremely focused on his goal and does not give up on a fight, especially when what is at stake involves the things he believes in or the people he likes. However, like Taureans, a Baratheon can also easily get lost in addictions such as drinking, women, laziness .

Gemini: Casa Frey

Who is from this house has important characteristics of the sign of Gemini very present in their personalities. Creative and very intelligent, they love to be at an event, like parties, weddings or tournaments, to be surrounded by other people. In addition, the house is represented by twin towers.

Cancer: Greyjoy House

The sign of Cancer is related to the Greyjoy House of the Games of Thrones series. Despite some characteristics that diverge from the sign, this house has great contact with the sea, they are sensitive people, but very strong when they need to defend their home, as they do anything to keep everything well - just like any Cancerian.

Leo: Casa Lannister

Perhaps this is the house most like a sign of the Zodiac. Casa Lannister, in addition to having a lion on its coat of arms, has completely Leonine participants. They are completely involved with their heightened desire to win and have power. And, to achieve these goals, they do what is necessary to get what they want. They are also very proud and love people who admire them nearby.

Virgo: The Night’s Watch

Like Lannister, the Night’s Watch also has members who are completely related to the sign. Patrol men are not allowed to have sex while they are part of it, as they take oaths while defending Westeros. They are also very protective, upright, organized, methodical and bureaucratic. That is, the virgins of the Night’s Watch are entirely Virgins.

Libra: Tyrell House

Tyrells are very stylish, smart and smart. It’s a peaceful home, as they don’t really like fighting, so much so that their symbol is a flower. They have a taste for the arts and do not usually do anything that is not well thought out in advance. They know how to use their power in a balanced way and, for all these reasons, Casa Tyrell is the home of Libra.

Scorpio: Targaryen House

Targaryen really likes power. And therefore, they are determined to have it. Very proud, they can also be very loyal and, if necessary, extremely vindictive. But perhaps the main characteristic that makes them look like Scorpio is that, like the sign, the house is loved by some and hated by others; there is no middle ground.

Sagittarius: Dothraki

This is a very temperamental and violent people. Violence is characteristic of the free spirit mixed with ambition. But don’t think that, because they are violent, they do anything. They are very fair and their honor is important to them. They like to discover new things, which makes them a little irresponsible.

Capricorn: Casa Stark

The Starks are known to have their honor placed on a pedestal, that is, it is extremely important to them. They follow traditions and have a great sense of justice. They are peaceful, so much so that they really like to relax in nature alone or beside their families. Be respectful of them and do not dishonor them, so that you can stay alive.
They’re the good guys in the series. They try to be peaceful and get into war, but it is not to cause.

Aquarius: Wild

The savages form a free people who continue to fight for their freedom, which is the most precious asset they have. Despite following a certain discipline, each having their own task, they live in a very Aquarian way, that is, totally different from all other peoples.

Pisces: Casa Tully

Casa Tully has very fair, upright members who are very fond of the name, family and customs of the house. So, although they are not very close to a battle, they do whatever it takes to defend who and what they love and believe. In addition to all this, the decoration of the flag of this house is made with trout. More Pisces, impossible.

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