Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Armor in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Armor in a Dream in Christianity

Have you been dreaming about armor? They symbolize your defense mechanisms against aggressive actions. You have developed a way to protect yourself from feeling attacked and vulnerable. Your dream could be reflecting that you are at an age where it feels like everyone is judging or criticizing others, so for you to feel safe, this would mean developing some protection system- such as the type provided by wearing armor! Consider what condition was required for the best use of this protection mechanism while sleeping (or even during waking hours).

Dream About Wearing Armor

In your dream, you see yourself wearing armor and witnessing injustices. Your subconscious is telling that you can bring about change in waking life by taking action such as protesting or raising awareness of an issue.

Dream About Hiding Inside Armor

The dream of hiding in armor suggests that you are afraid of other people’s criticism. You feel as though they’re out to get you, so your paralysis prevents fighting back against them.

Dream About Taking Armor Off

Dreaming of taking off your armors suggests that you are opening yourself up to others. You don’t want to remain in a defensive mode anymore. You might be ready for dating again after getting hurt before. Potentially it is time to open your heart so as not only to invite people but also let them see the natural person inside, flaws included!

Dream About Polishing Armors

While dreaming that you are polishing your armors, reflect a strong ego. You will fight hard to maintain your reputation because of specific achievements or titles that you have earned in the past.

Dream About Gold Armor

If you dream of seeing gold armor, that’s a sign that your career or other cause is about to be recognized and rewarded. You may soon receive some trophies for the fantastic work you’ve done—something like money in real life! It might finally be time to celebrate with payday and all the fame that comes along with success.

Dream About Silver Armor

Dreaming about silver armor signifies isolation and loneliness. You may feel misunderstood by others for being so severe toward certain aspects of life. Still, people do not understand your values or beliefs on the subject matter.

Dream About Rusted Armor

The dream of a rusted armor might mean that you are headed for discharge or retirement. If layoffs happen in your organization, watch out! You may be on the chopping block because you haven’t updated your toolset and knowledge base.

Dream About Missing Armor Piece

You might want to check if you’re secure in your daily life. Maybe something’s going on that makes you feel insecure, like outdated computer systems or potential hacking threats - these can compromise your security and leave vulnerabilities for the bad guys (or girls).

Dream About Empty Armor on Display

One empty armor shell on display in a museum could mean that you have theories about approaching problems but haven’t put your thoughts into practice. Perhaps it isn’t the time for you to take on this challenge yet - after all, with only theoretical knowledge of war chess-playing now, we’ll need more pieces before taking such action.

Dream About Knight with Armor

When you see a knight in shining armor, it’s like your subconscious telling yourself that someone will come to save the day. It means you’re feeling powerless and want some help or assistance with whatever is going on right now.

Dream About Robotic Armors

Dreaming about robotic armors like robot police or soldiers suggests that you remove your emotions with specific work and tasks. Perhaps, you feel bad or sad about things being asked to do by your boss/organization. However, removing those feelings will equip us for actions against our conscious/heart to perform them effectively as robots.

Dream About Medieval Armor

Dreaming about medieval armor is a sign that you want to go back to the basics and tackle things in an honest, straightforward way. You don’t need any bells or whistles - deal with problems directly without overthinking them.

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