Clover Dream Meaning and Symbolism


When you dream about clovers, it symbolizes your perception of the past, present, and future. You have many possibilities ahead of you but aren’t sure how things will turn out for you shortly. As such, looking to those who are more experienced or knowledgeable than yourself for guidance may be a wise decision if only so that they can instruct and advise as needed on what’s best going forward with their own experience in mind - after all, no one knows better how events might unfold when considering someone else’s vantage point.

Dream About Actions With Clovers

Dream About Picking Clover

Suppose you dream that you are picking clovers. In that case, it suggests that your decision-making process is to take the first opportunity given. You might be taking on a lot of work and relationships but not selective about what they offer in return for your time.

Dream About Eating Clover

In the dream, you are eating clover, and it forewarns that difficult problems will happen. It would be best if you made hard decisions to settle them. Consider tightening your belt so you’re prepared for tough times ahead.

Dream About Growing Clovers

When you dream about clovers, it’s a sign that your business is going to be successful. You’re working hard on all of the possible leads and putting in overtime so that you can generate income for yourself while waiting to see what happens with each one. It would be great if there were some way they could turn into something big- but we’ll have to wait until after this project ends before we know the outcome.

Dream About Clover Plants

Dream About Clover Field

Clover plants symbolize the good fortune that awaits those who take many opportunities and explore them courageously. Some will be better than others, but most should lead to worthwhile experiences regardless- so don’t let fear get in your way.

Dream About 4 Leaf Clover

You may have seen a four-leaf clover in your dream last night. This is often interpreted as fame, wealth, good health, and love coming into one’s life! You will undoubtedly be able to pursue these important pillars of success with the help of this lucky symbol.

Dream About 5 Leaf Clover

You will come across a string of luck that you would have never expected. You should use your newfound fortune wisely and make the most out of it before the inevitable happens.

Dream About Clover Colors

Dream About Black Clover

Black clovers in dreams are often a sign of luck. The black color can indicate that you will overcome all hardships quickly, resulting, for the most part, from those struggles being minor or not an issue at all.

Dream About Pink or Red Clover

You may think that you have left your past relationship behind, but the appearance of a pink or red clover in your dream tells you otherwise.

Dream About Yellow Clover

Yellow clover is a symbol of good luck and fortune. Some people even use it as an ingredient in tea to ward off bad spirits or plant them around their homes for protection from black magic spells.

Dream About Green Clover

You had a dream that you never wanted to wake up from because it was beautiful and calming. The simple green clover in the background reminded you of what is important: getting back on track with your basics, as they are always there for us when we need them most.

Dream About White Clover

White clovers are often associated with good luck and fortune, so it’s no surprise that dreaming about them is also thought to be an encouraging sign. If you dream of white clover, then this can signify an opportunity just out of your reach.

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