Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Wedding Ring in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Wedding Ring in a Dream in Christianity

Many different stimuli can form wedding ring dream. A pervasive case that gives rise to this dream is people who are about to get married in waking life. In this case, the dream has no meaning. It is merely a reflection of the psychological processes involving marriage that is to be realized.

But the meaning of covenant dreaming is not always linked to the psychological events of waking life. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, for example, has already identified many similar dreams and realized that many of them indicated some degree of foreboding in the waking life. In one of them, one of her patients began to report dreams involving pairs of rings, wedding rings and coins. Freud then analyzed the dreamer’s unconscious contents through the psychological procedures that are peculiar to her. After a few days of analysis, he identified a woman’s possible pregnancy symptoms and explained that she was possibly pregnant.

Later, it confirmed Freud’s diagnosis. The woman was pregnant and twin. In this particular case, both rings symbolically appear in the dream, subtly implying that the woman was pregnant with twins. The origin of the dream, in this specific case, certainly has its foundations on the spiritual plane. During sleep, this woman was to meet with angels and spiritual mentors who prepared and organized the birth of both children. In this way, angels could have used metaphors involving wedding pairs to convey good spirits to the dreamer.

Metaphors recited by angels often give rise to many rather unusual dreams. And this was the case of this woman attended by Freud.

Read on and find out what it means to dream about an alliance in more detail.

Spiritual meaning of dream of gold ring

In the introduction, we have already reported the case of a woman who dreamed of pairs of golden wedding rings and was pregnant with twins. This is an isolated case. Of course, it should not be entirely ruled out, but each case is a case. However, it is essential to consider the symbolism of gold in combination with the symbolism of the circle (represented by the alliance).

According to tradition, gold symbolizes:

  • Lighting
  • Knowledge
  • wealth
  • Abundance
  • Immortality

Already the circle is associated with:

  • Eternity
  • Divinity
  • Perfection
  • Life cycle

From this perspective, dreaming of golden rings is always a good indicator and can mean a period of enlightenment and positive changes in waking life.

Dream of silver wedding ring

Silver is seen as a feminine principle in addition to representing the moon. Thus, dreaming of the silver ring suggests that the male pole is out of harmony with the female. This harmony must be sought so that all its power of empathy can manifest itself. Otherwise, there will always be a lack of consensus and, consequently, the difficulties arising from this misfit.

Dream of the broken relationship

Dreaming of broken alliance often coincides with moments of emotional turmoil in waking life. Whether due to affective or social relationships, this dream often stems from existential conflicts that may escape our control. However, there is no reason for unnecessary worry, as the dream only reflects the current emotional condition. Soon everything will be in balance again. Just wait.

Dream with a wedding ring on the finger

In the “Bible”, there are many symbolisms about the covenant in varying degrees, from animals to the heavenly covenant (or covenant) of the higher deities. In this way, the covenant symbolizes the union of the same “blood,” which originates from the Hebrew word “bérith,” which means covenant or compromise.

As a result, the alliance on the finger symbolizes a covenant, commitment, unity and responsibility . And it is not always linked to relationship or marriage and may be linked to a commitment to oneself to achieve one’s personal goals and find one’s life purpose.

Dream about wedding ring on someone else’s finger

The same symbolism of the previous subtitle should apply to the alliance dream on the finger of others or even that of a stranger. However, the main difference lies in the focus of commitments and pacts. This may indicate the need to focus attention on people or issues that need help and collaboration. Perhaps it is a friend, family member or even a stranger who needs help and you are not paying proper attention.

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