Dreaming of Tsunami – Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming of Tsunami – Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Dreams of giant waves, tsunamis, and storms often generate immense despair for those with this dreamlike vision. In addition, it is common to feel a deep sense of anguish, distress, and fear during the dream. As a result, the meaning of dreaming of a tsunami is associated with moments of transition and significant changes in waking life.

The feelings of discomfort caused by this dream are simply reflections of the fear of changes in waking life. For example, if you are going through a period of affective difficulties or relationship breakup, the dream manifests the fear of adapting to a new routine.

The disruption of habit and routine causes this feeling of emptiness. Because of this fear and insecurity about the future, dramatic dreams can be expected to occur. In this case, the tsunami is formed by the emotional storm itself experienced during the state of consciousness.

From the esoteric point of view, the sea is linked with the dynamics of life. That is, it represents the collective of emotional forces that an individual experiences in his life. When we are calm and serene, the sea always reveals itself without waves, reflecting our temperament of waking life.

On the other hand, the “emotional storms” act as triggers to increase the sea’s turbulence and consequently generate frightening tsunamis during the dream.

This dream is ubiquitous, and the way you react or feel when witnessing a dream tsunami may indicate weakness or willpower in overcoming difficulties.

But some details can make a difference in figuring out what it means to dream of a tsunami. So keep reading to complement the proper analysis of your dream.

The three types of dreams

Before you confiscate the full meaning of tsunami dreams to your present temperament, it is essential to mention the three existing types of dreams from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Are they:

1- Psychological effects or (psychic buzz) 

2- Recalling Past Lives 

3- Astral Projection

Most dreams fall into the first type: psychological effects. In this case, dreaming of a tsunami would have its origin in unconscious impressions captured during waking life, for example, movies, soap operas, events, lived experiences, etc.

Secondly, we have the memory of past lives. This is often accompanied by affliction and anguish, usually the case with those who dream of the tsunami. However, when it comes to past lives, the dream is recurring. It repeats itself often and always comes with the same feelings and emotions, even if the scenario changes slightly. Most dreams hardly fall into this category unless repetitive, so it would be an excellent alternative to seek regression therapies to release the blocks and traumas experienced during the dream.

And finally, we have the astral projection. Most dreams fall into this category. As it turns out, as we fall asleep, the bonds that bind us to the physical body loosen, allowing our spirits to be free to continue their existence on the spiritual plane. This reality is very subtle and shaped by our tendencies, feelings, and emotions. In this dimension, it is possible that psychological effects can trigger spiritual realities. However, it is easy to separate a mind-stimulated dream from an astral projection: the astral projection gives us a feeling that everything was genuine.

Therefore, dreaming of the tsunami can fall into one of three types. Reflect on your current situation and try to identify yourself.

Dream of a clean water tsunami

In general, the tsunami with clean water reveals a favorable condition for those who have this dream. Clean water, in this case, represents your willingness and willingness to overcome today’s difficulties. This indicates excellent flexibility in adapting to the emotional or spiritual problems currently experienced. Alternatively, if the water is dirty, it suggests resistance and difficulties in overcoming adversity.

However, be sure to combine this dreamlike vision with the three types of dreams mentioned above to understand better the processes that make you dream of the tsunami.

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