Eyes of Zodiac - The World According To Each Zodiac Sign

Did you have a 43 look? The truth is that we all have a unique way of looking, and it depends a lot on the experiences we have lived throughout life and also on the houses on which each planet in your birth chart is. But it is possible to find some similarities because of the essence that each sign brings with it. Find out now if you are always looking at what you want or expressing yourself in other ways!


The Aries look doesn’t hide lies. He lets his determination show through his eyes, even embarrassing some people. If he wants you, you will feel trapped by him. And if he happens to hate you, you too will feel that feeling.


The Taurean’s look is dramatic in the sense that he looks without looking, shows that he wants at the same time that he pretends not. Anyway, you will always be in doubt if you take a step forward with it or not, although, as it is a seductive look, it will be difficult to resist.


The Gemini look is a trap! This is that look that attracts and seduces you, but that, although you thought that was the look of someone who wants you for the rest of your life, he is only enjoying your naked body. Okay, not necessarily at that level, but you have to be very careful with that naughty look.


The Cancerian’s look is the same as the Puss in Boots from the movie “Shrek”. You can’t resist because he seduces you, makes you feel pity and affection at the same time. And in this madness of saying you don’t want it. You end up giving in to your desires!


Leo looks at everything quickly. He notices your presence but will “ignore” you or look when you are not looking. That way, even if contradictory, he can hold your gaze and make you interested.


Here a lot depends on whether the person is restrained or more outgoing. If it is contained, its look is a mystery. You will have that look in your head for a week trying to decipher what it means. If the person is outgoing, he can communicate everything he wants with just a look.


The Libra’s look has class. He’s charming, says he’s in the mood, but in a very subtle way. Thus, you are aware of the interest, but you are also free to choose whether to respond to it or not. In the end, this idea of freedom in the eyes only makes it more interesting.


Here’s the 43 look of the zodiac! He can desire others by looking, seeing them beyond the masks, and making them feel beautiful and unique. But at the same time, he has an idea that “you are all of that, but I am a little more. Whether you want to or not, that’s okay.” And that makes it even more irresistible.


The Sagittarius is no longer as intense, and his look is consistent and very frank. He likes eye to eye, and when he looks at you, it is as if he accepts all the truth that exists in you. It is inevitably challenging for him to lie since his eyes give him away.


Capricorns are contained even in their eyes, but depending on how you feel, they will look at you a few times and quickly, but all of them full of intensity and passion. Always leaving you with a taste of “I want more”.


The great zodiac Sherlock Homes look! The Aquarian looks at you, trying to decipher you. He tries to find clues about you in your eyes, the clothes you wear and the people you walk with. Anyway, he wants an answer about everything he looks at. And, oh, he’ll get it!


The Piscean gaze extends to the smile. It is almost an Instagram filter that brings those little hearts all over your face. He looks at everything with a lot of love and affection, and his smile speaks for him when he is reciprocated!

As we said, our looks depend a lot on what we went through and on the other influences on our birth chart, but were you able to find similarities? We would love to know!




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