How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Interest Or Likes Someone

Knowing whether or not a person wants you is not one of the simplest tasks, and if the person you want is shy then, even worse ... But calm down, we help you with that! Unravel all the mystery behind appearances and learn how each sign shows interest!

Signs an Aries Likes You

Aries are driven by the initiative, they usually go straight to the point. When they are interested they do not waste time. They are spontaneous and manage to improvise when it comes to winning someone over. They like to give special attention to the desired person and expect the return of that zeal.

Signs an Taurus Likes You

Taureans are comfortable: they show interest, but they expect the person they want to take the initiative when it comes to flirting. They usually conquer and captivate their victims in the stomach, so invitations to an out-of-hours dinner are a sign that they are interested.

Signs an Gemini Likes You

Communicative, Geminis tend to seduce interested people through conversation, but there are also those who conquer by writing. With a Gemini you will receive many messages. So, be aware that if a Gemini native brings up a subject with you and mends a conversation on the other, there is interest.

Signs an Cancer Likes You

Cancerians tend to win a match for humor, as they are always cheerful and make people laugh. They are sentimental, so they only show interest when they feel a great connection with the person. They are also protective and can be moved easily.

Signs an Leo Likes You

Leos like to seduce, but they usually show interest only after they know what’s going on in the other person’s head. When they show their feelings, the natives of Leo manage to win the pair through good humor and sincerity.

Signs an Virgo Likes You

Shy, Virgos usually make a lot of eye contact and only after knowing if they are matched, do they go on to the conversation. But make no mistake and don’t lose your temper: at the beginning, they tend to hear more than talk. They take time to get involved, but they are dedicated, sensible and thoughtful.

Signs an Libra Likes You

Attentive and polite, Librans abuse their power of generosity at the time of conquest. They like parties, ballads and receptions, so they don’t have bad weather. The men of this sign usually surprise with gifts. Women are delicate and great listeners.

Signs an Scorpio Likes You

Scorpio natives are intense, so one look will leave no doubt that you are interested. They usually use their aura of sensuality and mystery, seducing by looks and gestures. They have a magnetism that leaves the jaw dropping.

Signs an Sagittarius Likes You

Adventurers, Sagittarians like a good challenge and a conversation. They may not show at first that they are interested, which can cause confusion when it comes to flirting. They are able to conquer by good humor and positivism.

Signs an Capricorn Likes You

Capricorns usually win over their partners through their seriousness, determination and commitment. Patient, the native of this sign can expect the interested person to dismiss all other possible partners without losing his temper.

Signs an Aquarius Likes You

Aquarians are not conventional, so don’t expect an invitation to a romantic dinner, but a collective event. They show interest when they establish a relationship of friendship and trust. They conquer for their innovative ideas and like to feel understood.

Signs an Pisces Likes You

Shy, Pisceans usually show interest from the eyes and only engage in conversation if the desired person is interested. They like to go to the cinema and appreciate art. They tend to be captivated by kindness, sensitivity and sweetness.

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