Sexual Fantasy Based on Zodiac Sign


What perverse sexual fantasy would he/she like to perform in private? - or possibly what turns on each zodiac sign in a place not so private?

Each of the signs of the zodiac tends to have certain predictable peculiarities in the bed. Do you think he would be surprised when he realizes that you know the secret sexual fantasy that has been in his mind without even mentioning it?

Aries Love Fantasy HoroscopeAries Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

The secret sexual fantasy of your Aries man/woman is quite simple. He/She just wants you to start something! Whether it’s an impulse at an unexpected time of the day, playing in a new place, or just doing it in an unusual room in the house, surprise him/her!

Taurus Love Fantasy HoroscopeTaurus Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

Men/Women want their sexual partners to be completely satisfied and comfortable. But a secret sexual fantasy for him/her may be to be pleased without having to worry about appropriately pleasing you in return. Tell him/her to relax and surrender completely while you give him/her pleasure.

Gemini Love Fantasy HoroscopeGemini Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

The mind of a Gemini man/woman is his/her main sexual organ, so it may be that your man’s/woman’s fantasy is spicily talking in bed. If that is definitely not your thing, you can do it with emotion by sending flirty messages of how good the night will be!

Cancer Love FantasyCancer Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

A Cancer man/woman does not want you to know his/her deepest fantasy, but it is very easy to discover which is because he/she is so kind to the point of repression. Encourage them to fight lovingly in bed and you will realize that he/she likes to be the strongest when you give him/her the opportunity to be.

Leo Love FantasyLeo Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

If you’re brave enough to make a video of your sex life, Leo men/woman generally enjoy both the process and the resulting product. If you have a bit of shyness in front of the camera, a mirror on the ceiling or next to the bed can bring you a similar emotion.

Virgo Love FantasyVirgo Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

A Virgo man/woman is adaptable and changeable, so some of these men may have a sexual preference that falls in variety rather than in one form only. As a result, bringing another person into the game, even if only in your imagination, maybe your secret sexual fantasy.

Libra Love FantasyLibra Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

The deepest sexual fantasy of a Libra man/woman may simply be to fulfill your most unusual sexual fantasy! No matter what it is, being able to do something interesting for you in bed gives him/her self-confidence. You will love to see how it increases your performance.

Scorpio Love FantasyScorpio Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

Never underestimate the healing power of a sexual session of reconciliation with a Scorpio man/woman! You may feel that you want to be left alone when you are in an aggressive mood after a brief fight or a day of hard work, But his/her real desire is to release his/her emotion through a hot session of sex.

Sagittarius Love FantasySagittarius Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

Making love in new and exotic places can make the Sagittarius man/woman feel especially excited. Yes, this sometimes means publicly, especially for those who are young and adventurous; but it can also mean simply running away together to a romantic place on the weekend.

Capricorn Love FantasyCapricorn Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

A Capricorn man often feels that romance is rushed. Your secret sexual fantasy is that you pretend sickness and do not go to work -only once- to spend the whole day together in bed, as lonely lovers lost in the world.

Aquarius Love FantasyAquarius Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

The Aquarian man/woman can sometimes have desires but not be willing to take the initiative of where and how to plan a sexual encounter. Surprise him/her with several coupons with different possibilities of sexy moments can delight and motivate him to get out of the norm.

Pisces Love FantasyPisces Man/Woman Sex Fantasy:

If a Pisces man/woman sees a sexy scene in a movie, he/she often plays it in his/her mind again and again. Whether you dress up as your favorite actor/actress or say some words that trigger the memory of a hot scene in a movie, your sexual imagination will be fueled!

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