Romantic Date On Full Moon Night In 2024

There is nothing more romantic and magical than the glorious full moon! We have twelve full moons every year, sometimes 13. Adjust the details to your liking by retaking the spirit of the season and the sign in which each moon is to get the most out of your energy.

Black is always a lucky color to wear during a full moon date, but we also have other suggestions that you might want to incorporate.

The Full Moon Date for Leo

Normally in January, this Moon invites you to have creativity, extravagance and a style worthy of the New Year. Attend a live show, musical event, play, or a sports event. Get dressed in gold tones or the colors of the team you’re wearing.

The Full Moon Date for Virgo

Usually, in February, think of something intimate and cozy. If not a poetry recital, maybe a day of skiing or snowboarding, or any other activity that ends in a deep plush sofa positioned in front of the fireplace. Dress in neutral gray tones or brown tones.

The Full Moon Date for Libra

March means spring! And Libra means a couple, so give in to the whims of your love and go to the carousel in the amusement park, or go bird watching to the zoo. Enjoy nature. Use light blue and green tones.

The Full Moon Date for Scorpio

Probably in April. Mount a horse or ride a mountain bike. Scorpion delights in the physical. They could also go dancing. Something more modest?, Go for a walk. Dress in black or wear something deep red.

The Full Moon Date for Sagittarius

Usually occurring in May, this Moon is perfect for walking through large gardens, especially rose gardens. Or if there is one in your city, go to an open air festival or to the city market. Use red (for hummingbirds) or purple (for Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius).

The Full Moon Date for Capricorn

It’s full summer. Take a day trip, maybe a mountain bike tour. Prepare for a picnic for lunch or dinner, perhaps accompanied by a good wine too. If you live far from the countryside, explore thrift stores or garage sales in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Capricorn loves the practical. If you have a pair of dark blue jeans, it would be the perfect dress.

The Full Moon Date for Aquarius

July was made for the beach, sunbathing, cooking outdoors, or cleaning the beaches (Aquarians loves charitable public service works). Being socially virtuous, or simply resting together, are romantic and magical activities. Use electric blue or Mexican pink.

The Full Moon Date for Pisces

August nights can be hot, and the cinema has air conditioning, so go to the movies. Or, a day skiing in water or jet skis could be more your thing. Pisces likes everything. Dress in black, blue or violet.

The Full Moon Date for Aries

This is the classic Harvest Moon. Go out to drive through the countryside and make stops at fruit and vegetable stands. Or go to a soccer game. Do not like going to the stadium? Enjoy the trip and then watch the game in a bar. Be yourself and do what is fun for your personalities. Aries, and your partner, they want it that way. Use red or any other bright thing.

The Full Moon Date for Taurus

Look for a good new restaurant, or go to a favorite typical food inn. Sometimes dinner is worth all night. No one understands the art of eating as Taurus. Use nacreous pink, bright blue or black shades.

The Full Moon Date for Gemini

November is the perfect month for indoor activities. Try going to a museum of art, history, nature, classical or modern art. Do not be fooled - culture is cool. They will see a lot of things and they will have a lot to talk about. Dress in the colors of the rainbow and shine, or you can also keep the black if it is the color you like.

The Full Moon Date for Cancer

It’s the cold Christmas season. It is perfect to put on a cozy mood and create a universe for two. Do not tell anyone where they will go or what they will do. Take a getaway to a spa with hot springs or springs. Another option would be to stay at home and eat goodies and watch your favorite movies. Relaxing together is romantic and magical. Use silver or pastel colors.

Whatever the full moon season is, enjoy every minute you spend together!




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