Meaning Of Master Number 11 In Numerology

The first thing you might be wondering is: What are the possible implications of 11/11/11? Well, in the first place there is no scientific basis for the facts that will occur or that will be activated on this day. The belief that something good is going to happen comes above all faith. Regardless of your religion or philosophy of life you need to open your mind. Sometimes we need to accept that there is a BIGGER plan.

If there is a small point, a glow of belief in you, then you have what it takes to try to understand and follow this wave, this force that will be activated on 11/11/11 . Many people are saying that this is all nonsense, but don’t let unbelieving people steal something very important from you: your faith. Even if it’s just a tiny glimmer of hope.

“If you look at life with the eyes of the spirit, you will see life in another way. And it is the light that causes this transformation in us, the Divine Light, the Light that comes from above and the one that will flow with much more intensity.

As we allow ourselves to glimpse that Light, we are creating a new life within us. Just as the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, we also undergo our transformation. It is not possible to survive just by being practical and realistic, we need to leave our room for miracles to happen and to see them happen. So, the first thing to do on this day is to calm your heart. Rest peacefully in the hands of God, this attitude is already the first dynamic to unleash the miracles.

If you look at life with the eyes of the spirit, you will see life differently. And it is the light that causes this transformation in us, the Divine Light, the Light that comes from high above and on that date it will flow with much more intensity. A great opening will take place in the astral (on the astral plane) so that we can receive this energy. Whoever is prepared, somehow will be open to receive this spiritual strength, because it is part of our nature to search for that light. Angels, mentors, and masters of great lineages and hierarchies of light will be working for this. And there will be many ways in which people will be called. Special beings speak through warnings. Many people have seen the 11:11 clock, the microwave, and the cell phone for some time; without realizing it, you look and it shows 11:11.

Believe me, you are not alone. A lot of people are experiencing the same thing. Note that the name Jesus Christ has 11 letters; Anjo Gabriel also has 11 letters; Melquizedec also has 11 letters, it is the three who are commanding the opening of this portal of Light.

It is these three that anchor the triangle of celestial energy, as we will see in the sky with the formation of Pluto, the transformer (Like Jesus who rose from the dead) Jupiter (God of Olympus, advisor to all other gods, like Melquizedec was Abraham’s spiritual advisor) and Mars (like Gabriel which means The Divine is my strength). 11 is a prime number, and 11/11/11 is a sequence of 3 elevens, there are six digits: 111111 x 111111 = 12345654321. This sum gives 36, it is the number of hours that this energy will be active most strongly. 11 is a master number.

It carries psychic vibrations of crystalline energies that cause consciousness to expand. And it is a code to awaken the mind, an activation in DNA. It is the key to unlocking the subconscious to access encoded memories and remind us that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience here on earth and not physical beings who at one time or another live spiritual experiences. When I go through some special moments like this, I tend to disconnect from the outside world by repeat the following to myself several times: I am not my physical body, I am not my mind, I am a pure and immortal being that lives in this body. By repeating these words like a mantra, we are able to enter this 11:11 energy wave more easily, which at the bottom is a call to remind our soul that it is a Divine spark.

We are all in a process that is part of the humanitarian cycle. Behind all this movement there is a Universal consciousness. And every being that is already awake, knowing it or not, already has his ticket… But if you still don’t feel that call inside you, it’s still time to want to join the people who are in that chain and make your inner surrender possible. Keep your mind on what is truly real, to meet your true mission. Focus on your Higher Self, your angelic presence. This is the largest energy input we have ever faced. Portal 11:11 is a portal on the spiritual plane.

This portal will give us the opportunity to follow better, more sublime paths that have a real meaning. 11:11 activation is not a casual event. It represents the completion of a larger cycle. Portal 11:11 is not the first, there have been many others, but this occurs more intensely on triple dates, as in: 01/01/01; 02/02/02; 03/03/03; 04/04/04; 05/05/05; 06/06/06; 07/07/07; 08/08/08 /; 09/09/09; 10/10/10, now 11/11/11 and the last of this cycle will be on 12/12/12 (next year), concluding the energy of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each of these star portals have moved many celestial kingdoms, just remember Enoch’s testimony. And when the portals open, we can travel (astrally) through these passages like Enoch, Elias, and Jesus, and go through the House of the Father’s many abodes. This is such a special moment,

The book Pistis Sophia shows that, as we pass through these portals, bonds that hold us to lower energies can be loosened and we can begin our path to the liberation of our spirit. These vibrational portals help to transform our frequencies. Throughout the day we will receive a wave of love, a flow of higher vibrating energies, and many will be in that vibration. The energy will then be amplified and the Cristica mesh will be activated, starting from the triple flame of each one that is connected. There will be thousands of psychic wave signals creating a mega wave, like several satellites, emitting and receiving signals.

Each continent has several temples that will serve to anchor these energies to help connect with all beings of light, Avatars and masters, who will serve as bridges. Several invisible lines will be formed, like webs, creating a moment of a rare cosmic beauty. So today, 11/11/11, have a reserve of good thoughts to receive with an open heart the rain of blessings that are pouring down from above. The strength to believe in life and the future is in you. Believe me, there is something or someone much bigger than any individual who cares for us.

Pray to your Angel. Know that your Guardian Angel is at your disposal, even if you cannot understand… Enjoy this special moment and forgive. Forgive everyone who has hurt you in some way or another. Imagine yourself and that person embracing, forgiving each other, inside a bubble of pink light. Only undo this image after you can see them both smiling and forgiving each other. You will find that you will feel lighter and only good energies will arise.

I wish you all abundance in your existence. May the Great Spirits inspire everyone and always continue to give us signs and help us in our journey here on earth.

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