Numerology: What Is The Personal Quarter?

Like astrology, numerology also helps us to understand ourselves better, in our deepest way of being, thinking, feeling and acting. However, while astrology studies and uses the Zodiac and space stars, numerology makes use of numbers and all the mathematics of calculations and meanings of life present in each of them, to find out more about each one of us.

And, according to numerology, each person has certain periods that are more suitable for him to carry out actions, permeate the path of his dreams and goals and make important decisions, because they are more favorable periods for this type of attitude.

What are these most favorable periods? 

These more favorable periods for more serious, important, and impacting actions, decisions, and attitudes in our lives are divided into certain durability times. That is, you have your Personal Month, your Personal Quarter and your Personal Year, for example.

More specifically addressing the Personal Quarter - three-month period: leave to make decisions at this time in your life. Everything will flow more naturally and more easily. Everything will happen more easily - understand it easily as more fluid and walk the way you should walk. So this does not mean that you will be able to make less effort than you really need to achieve what you need.

And what can the Personal Quarter bring you? Well, each one has a Personal Quarter number. And the number that marks that time will tell you what are the most suitable behaviors to have within that period and what are the best possible opportunities that will arise (and in what areas will they happen).

General analysis of each Personal Quarter 

Quarter 1

Quarter 1 marks a favorable period for important decisions that will significantly impact your life, which will change you drastically and for the better. Therefore, the period is favorable to start new paths: a new business, a new home, a new sport, or perhaps a new lifestyle. As you can see, it is a time to be active, confident and very courageous to make impactful decisions. Standing still, afraid to take chances, is not a good choice.

Quarter 2

Quarter 2 is a period to reflect, think, analyze, question, and observe people, situations, projects, jobs, and opportunities. It may not be the time to make final decisions, but it is the perfect time to analyze, think, and reflect on everything you need. And then, when you feel you are absolutely sure about what you want, then it will be the time to decide. So, you already know: no precipitation, naivety, or selfishness. Think about everything well. Analyze every detail. Ask the opinion of people who are important to you, if you think it is necessary.

Quarter 3

Personal Quarter 3 is a great time to dedicate yourself to social events and communication skills. So, dedicate yourself to your social life, your skills of communicating with others (such as writing, speaking, dancing, and interacting) and improve them! Talk a lot with the people you love and those who are important to you, then go on to intensify these important bonds of affection. Because it is such a positive time to intensify important relationships and express yourself. Personal Quarter 3 is definitely not the most appropriate time to feel down, indulging in depression and other negative feelings. No pessimism! Do not give in, do not feel lazy, do not allow yourself to be overcome by discouragement.

Quarter 4

Quarter 4 is a period to be dedicated to you, literally. Make your life more balanced, that is, reflect on your actions and think about how to improve them in order to be closer to the balance between personal, social, and professional life. There is no way to be happy living just one of the pillars. So, look at your home, see if it needs repairs. Look at your body, see if it needs attention. Try to chart a new routine, be disciplined. During this period, it will not work to think of just one of the pillars. That is, thinking only about work, or only social activities or professional ones. You will have to consider all these aspects and work on them such that they are in harmony with each other.

Quarter 5

Quarter 5 is marked by being a period to think about yourself and how to evolve. Discover a new destination, practice a new language, enjoy your own company, and rediscover various tastes and values, do research, make changes (job, house, hair, who knows?), but be sure to venture out! This is the perfect time to take some risks. Precisely because it is a favorable period to take risks, Quarter 5 marks a time to avoid routine. Of course, there are certain activities and attitudes that are impossible to put aside, but changing the routine a little does no harm to anyone, right?

Quarter 6

Personal Quarter 6 is a period favorable to team moments, that is, teamwork at work, family trips, social events… everything that can be done together is favored in this quarter - including forming groups (new teams work, having a child to form a new family, among other examples). And as teams are on the rise, Quarter 6 is a time to avoid moments of selfishness. Don’t try to do everything yourself, don’t isolate yourself, don’t think that nobody can help you or that you can’t help others.

Quarter 7

The seventh quarter is a great time to learn and evolve in life. Take courses, specialize in your field, start with a new college course or degree programme, read books, go to therapy, get to know your family even more. Make all of your knowledge even better, even if it is your knowledge about yourself and the people you love. Just avoid working too much, studying too much, taking care of social life more than it really needs. That means study, work, socialize, but without forgetting your family. Long live your family, but without forgetting your professional obligations.

Quarter 8

Quarter 8 is dedicated to growing and evolving even stronger than in quarter 7. So, work hard. Focus on achieving all your goals and, among those that are possible in the short term, you will surely achieve within this period of time. It is also an interesting time for health care. It is not a good time to take a vacation and, mainly, to leave the city. You need to focus on working and overcoming yourself, not “getting away” from all of it.

Quarter 9

Personal Quarter 9 marks a period of revolution. Let go of items you don’t use often to feel lighter. Take the opportunity to make the world a better place beginning first with your own home. Teach someone something, do charity work, take a course in an area you never thought of opting for just to see how well you can adapt and learn, who knows how far you can expand your horizons. Avoid being selfish, avoid being afraid of changes, after all they will do you good. Avoid emotional attachment to things, because you have to let go in order to achieve better things. And other people may be in dire need of what you use very little.

As everything begins to fall into place and becomes integrated, to have a more complete and in-depth analysis of favorable periods, you would also need to take into account your Personal Month and Year and, for that, you will need to calculate your Numerological Map. Remember that the combination of your Month, Quarter, and Personal Year will tell you which ones are the most memorable days of your life. Important to find out, don’t you think?

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