Spiritual Axis Between Taurus And Scorpio

The spiritual axis between Taurus and Scorpio is one of the most subtle that can exist. This is because the signs are very similar in essence and totally opposite if viewed in depth. These are things that you really know only if you set out to study deeply and look far beyond the surface, so that you can see the similarities as well as the differences.

Both signs have a number of characteristics in common, but they are most often demonstrated and stimulated in totally opposite ways. Both Taurus and Scorpios tend to be shy, determined, possessive, ambitious, intense, fond of the good things in life such as comfort, good food and sexual pleasure . However, the way they handle it is totally different.

Taureans are native to an earth-ruled sign, which suggests someone who likes material things and who tends to be more stationary, cautious, and even lazy. So much so that there is a joke that no one has ever been able to find out if a Taureans prefers to snuggle on the couch or get up for another delicious delicacy. On the positive side, Taureans, because of this calmness, tend to be good people to live with, as they hardly buy a fight or find reason for discussion.

Already Scorpios are on the other side of that energy. As much as they also like comfort and the finer things in life, they tend to be completely stormy and searching for news all the time. A scorpion easily gets bored without news. At the same time, they are often mysterious and must be careful not to fall into temptation and to be wholly driven by the lust and wills of earthly things that bring immediate pleasure. Not to mention a strong feature: they are extremely vengeful. They are from the water element, and solid water is ice, so they don’t usually cling too easily and deny feelings as much as they can.

Now imagine these two groups of characteristics brought together and balanced in one individual. It would be the result of a great ability to relate and learn to have pleasure with others in moderate quantity. When a Taurean learns to stimulate his power of action, and a Scorpio discovers that it is possible to be more placid, trusting, and surrendering to others, it is that these natives can reach the maximum balance of their being.

It is an axis that denotes that the good things in life can be very well enjoyed, provided they are done with wisdom and some parsimony.




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