Shamanic Protection Rituals (Protection For The Whole Year)

Everyone knows that good thoughts and good vibes are fundamental to leading a much more peaceful and happy life. But it never hurts to have a little more protection, and it’s not even.

For more protection, many people seek positive energies in shamanism. Through shamanic rituals, performed reliably and straightforwardly, it is possible to gain even more protection and strength to face day-to-day issues and obstacles.


Shamanism can be defined as a set of beliefs. Based mainly on actions carried out by our ancestors, the beliefs of shamanism originate in times of primitive man.

The word Shaman, of Russian origin, corresponds to the practices of non-Buddhist peoples in the Asian and Arctic regions. Despite various records, the historical and geographical origin of shamanism is still uncertain.

Shamanism can be defined as the grouping of ethnomedical, magical, religious, and philosophical practices. Involving healing, trance, and supposed metamorphoses of being, shamanism establishes direct contact between body and spirit.

Shamanic rituals involve the doctrines and energies between the body and spirit of other shamans, mystical beings, animals, dead, among other beings.

For anthropologists, shamanism is an experience of religious trance and ecstasy. Considered equivalent to magic, its practice is associated with solving problems that involve daily survival (agriculture, hunting, health) or religious phenomena (getting rid of evil spirits).

Shamanism Practice

Shamanism is intensely practiced in indigenous cultures. The rituals performed by these cultures are used to evoke communication between enchanted and ancestral entities. For the Indians, shamanic practices are associated with the capture and removal of evil spirits.

In the performance of the rituals, plants, animal origin, and fragments of stones are generally used.


Shamanism’s main priest is Shaman. The Shaman is responsible for the trance while performing the rituals. Manifesting powers and invoking spirits, shamanic rituals establish communication between physical and emotional aspects.

Shamanic Protection Rituals -   As good energies are never enough. We selected some shamanic protection rituals. These rituals will help to bring more protection to your day today.

Ritual to awaken the power animal

On a whole moon night, take a bath with herbs (select the herbs of your choice) and coarse salt.

After bathing, put on clean, comfortable clothing.

Go to a quiet place and summon the animal you wish to manifest within yourself.


Symbol of wisdom. The owl allows you to overcome fears and learn to act with much more awareness.


Symbol of fertility and union, this reptile is considered one of the central shamanic amulets.


It transmits joy and strength. Related to the power of communication, it is considered a bridge between the world of birds and men.


Observant and precise, the jaguar helps in awakening and learning. This animal’s power helps you live with yourself and not depend on others to achieve your goals.


The tortoise is associated with cleverness, intelligence, patience, attention, and tranquility, an animal of great longevity.


Its strong power is linked to creativity. Capable of transmuting and observing with audacity, the serpent makes us know better the deep values of each being. u don’t like it.

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