Cinnamon Ritual For Blessing, Prosperity, Positivity And Money

Cinnamon Ritual For Blessing, Prosperity, Positivity And Money

The energy we emanate into the universe is the energy we draw into our lives. And how can this be done? Through thoughts, visualizations, sayings, vibrations, among many other forms.

In addition, we can also rely on powerful intentions, such as month-turning rituals or famous sympathies . After all, who never imagined starting a new cycle by bringing light and loving wishes to him? It would be awesome!

And it was with this in mind that the My Today’s Horoscope came to share with each of you the cinnamon ritual. The ritual can be performed on the first day of each month and serves to bring prosperity to our lives, as well as making the new period that begins is positive and fortunate.

Money is not something that is left over in every home. Follow the step by step of this ritual with cinnamon and attract the energy of success to your side.

The Cinnamon Ritual

According to the numerologist, this cinnamon-based ritual can help with the good times by doing it at the beginning of each month, that is, it could start on January 1 with the arrival of a new year, which for many means a new beginning full of opportunities.

Here are 5 cinnamon rituals to attract money, luck and prosperity

Cinnamon is the ancient spice of fortune (quick fortune), prosperity and protection. Here are 5 easy ways to use cinnamon to foster the energies of wealth in your life.

Indeed, cinnamon is very useful in rituals to have good luck in life and to ward off negativity that might exist in your home.

In the world of esotericism and white magic, one of the most used elements for prosperity and abundance rituals is cinnamon. To attract money with cinnamon, you will have an excellent ally, because this spice has already proven itself.

History teaches us that cinnamon has been used since ancient Egypt to attract money. Its powerful vibration even places it as an excellent ingredient for positively changing a person’s financial situation.

Ritual 1 for cinnamon blessing

It really is one of the easiest cinnamon rituals to do. Sprinkle cinnamon over the silver in your wallet.

Ritual 2 for cinnamon blessing

Wash your floors (all rooms) with a few drops of cinnamon essential oil in the wash water

Ritual 3 for cinnamon blessing

On the first of every month, go to the front door of your home, apartment, or office, with a handful of powdered cinnamon in your right hand. Blow the cinnamon from the outside to the inside of where you are, imagining the prosperity and success that will come into your home.


  • A handful of cinnamon powder.


  • It is essential that this be carried out on the first day of each month, placing a three-finger handful of cinnamon powder in the palm of the right hand, being right at the door of the house or workplace, if desired.
  • Then they will proceed to blow on the handful of cinnamon, just after reciting the following sentence: “When this cinnamon is blown, prosperity will penetrate here. When this cinnamon is blown, abundance will come to stay. When this cinnamon is blown, abundance will live here”.
  • When blowing the cinnamon, it must pass through the door, entering the enclosure, with the faith that prosperity and success will enter with the dust and the wind full of energy.
  • The dust must remain on the floor for at least 24 hours in order for it to last through the first day of that month.

For even more results, you can recite this text right before you blow on cinnamon:

After having blown on the cinnamon powder, leave it on the ground for 24 hours, until the end of the first day of the month. For this ritual to work, it is important to do it with a willing heart.

Like a fairy, I breathe wonderful energies of abundance to you…

Ritual 4 for cinnamon blessing

Cinnamon Incense elevates your consciousness to the frequency of abundance. With its high, sweet and pure vibrations, this wealth-loving incense reminds you that abundance is your natural state and that you are worthy of money and all wonderful things!

Yes, Cinnamon attracts money! When burning incense sticks, you dramatically increase your chances of making more money!

Ritual 5 for cinnamon blessing


  • Cinnamon powder
  • Orange zest


Take a little cinnamon, a zest of orange and mix them in a liter of boiling water. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle, then try to spread it around the house. Before doing so, you can also light a green candle to bring serenity and calm to your life.

As you spread the cinnamon mixture around your home, pray to God for help in changing your financial situation and paving the way for prosperity in your life. You should let the candle burn for at least an hour.

How to do Cinnamon Ritual?

1. On the first day of the month put a handful of 3 fingers of ground cinnamon in the palm of your right hand, go to the door of your home or work.

2.  Blow the cinnamon from the outside in, realizing that prosperity and success will come into your home along with this energetic dust and wind we emanate.

3.  Before blowing, repeat in faith: “When this shin I blow, prosperity here will enter. When this shin blows, the abundance will come to stay. When this cinnamon I blow, the abundance here will live! ”4- Let the cinnamon powder stay on the ground after blowing for at least 24 hours (until the 1st of the month is over). Then it can sweep normally.

Remember to keep the vibration high and the positive thoughts, because then the results will surely come.

Everything is energy and our life can be shaped by ourselves. Never forget that. Use all that power to your advantage!

Cinnamon Blowing Day

Since this ritual is monthly, you can perform it twelve times over the course of a year, always performing it on the first day of the month. If you want to further strengthen your desire, invite the people you love the most to make that sympathy by your side. Vibrate the best thoughts into your home!

Cinnamon, besides being a fragrant and tasty spice, can bring a lot of prosperity for you and your family. By performing the cinnamon ritual, you will be able to achieve your dreams and your desires, increasing your well-being considerably. Try it!

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    Swati chauhan

    Lovely tip,thanks for sharing your wide knowledge with us.


    This is great and I so much love it. Thanks for the inspiration


    I attracted money with cinnamon: I know the ritual of prosperity that is done on the first day of each month


    Does it have to be powdered cinnamon or can it be any type of cinnamon


    It can be of any type.


    I made an error and blew it out of the house, then went back and blew it in my house. What will happen now?


    @Marie, It will not bring any kind of negative effect.


    Hi! Am I blowing the cinnamon at a closed door or it the door open into the house? Thank you, Lisa

    Christie Barber

    What if you miss the 1st of the month?


    Please do not laugh...I have been seeing this all over the internet and decided I would give it a try. I've seen people doing it daily the first week of the month, some the first day, some the last day and the first day. So, I decided to do today and tomorrow. I had everything ready, said my saying with confidence and blew my cinnamon. Two birds flew in my house!!!! I was very careful to not harm them and opened the other doors and they exited easily. Now I am worried this is bad. I've heard birds flying in the house was not good. Now what????


    Hi Kristi, When we see birds flying in the house, it means that there will be a massive change in our life, and as well as, will bring freedom and happiness. Regards, Conah


    Hi I want to try this , what time of the day should we blow

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