Radionic Tables - What It Is And Where To Find It?

One of the jobs I use most as a holistic therapist is, without a doubt, the radionic table.

For those who do not know what the table is, we can simplify it by saying that it is an instrument of Divine healing, which acts on all bodies, from the densest to the most subtle, in all spheres and dimensions, transmuting energetic, behavioral patterns, beliefs and crystallized thoughts, harmonizing and healing the being as a whole.

When we speak of Divine, we mean that everything that is done at the table is with divine permission, so it does not interfere with the free will of the person being treated, nor with the free will of anyone else.

The table is a graph, a large drawing where the power tools are represented by symbols, so that the operator can send the necessary energy to that person, or situation.

In this you must be asking yourself: “But how does the table operator know what energies I need, and how are these energies sent?

So, we already know that the table is a drawing that contains energy tools represented there, and to find out which tools the operator connects through the table with his I Am (his divine spark, or supra consciousness) and also connects the person or situation to be treated, from this connection, the pendulum will work responding and indicating the necessary tools.

Each tool has an energetic function and works from the inside out. To be clearer, I will show two types of assistance that can be done with the table.

One that I call “General harmonization”, where the person goes through a work of harmonization in all the bodies (mental, emotional, vital, spiritual). Their fate, karma, personal power, interference ... are also treated and investigated ...

In this work, everything is analyzed in terms of frequency and, after this analysis, the table sends the energies to balance, clean and treat the person.

Sometimes, we go through situations that unbalance us deeply: a romantic breakup, the loss of a job or simply when nothing seems to go on, when our paths are closed. In such cases, personal harmonization removes everything that is blocking, trauma, fears and anxieties out of the way, in addition to changing the person’s energy frequency quantum.

As a result, the individual starts to have mental clarity to analyze life, frees himself from many shadows, and crystallized thoughts that blocked energies open up to a more positive and higher vibration.

The emotional, often hurt, is healed. The spiritual is worked within the personal belief of each one and, thus, an infinity of personal changes end up interfering in the personal universe, opening paths and releasing currents.

At the table, it is also possible to identify negative energies stuck in life and break everything that is negative and is disturbing the person.

That is why, when they say “unlimited”, they are showing the innumerable treatment possibilities that the table can reach, breaking not only personal standards, but also family standards, family curses, among others.

Another possible service, moreover, the one most used by table operators, is for objective orders.

For example: selling a car, harmonizing a relationship, finding love, winning a job, studying better, that is, there is no limit to requests.

The only “requirement” is that the table can only be made with divine approval, so, whether for general harmonization, or to harmonize a relationship, it is always necessary for the table to say that it is divine to work.

It is important to say that, after the table is delivered, the Terra Azul Order, which is an order of infinite love, of the blue ray, which belongs to Archangel Michael, receives all the order and tools, filtering the energies and sending it daily to the person, allowing the change of vibration and behavior through energy transmutation.

In the next articles, I intend to talk a little more in detail about the tools on the table, how they act, what they treat, what the person feels, how the changes happen.

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