Some look for work, others just want to be more valued, while some just want to turn a blind eye over the career. The fact is that professional life is almost always among the priorities of New Year’s requests, and the book of Psalms has many teachings and reflections on your professional life in 2024. Let’s check?


Having a stable, well-paid, and valued job is anyone’s dream. In the absence of a function to be performed, the individual feels restless and the lack of a job can affect the well-being of an entire family.

In 2024, how about starting on the right foot and using the wisdom of the Psalms to build your foundation and walk a path of professional fullness, away from envious looks. Here are some very important texts for your reflection.


Psalm 79 is very important for when you feel uncertain and lose confidence in people and even in the direction in which life has taken. In faith, these chants operate true miracles, especially if you want more professional prominence and recognition for the talent you know you have.

Psalm 79 has the power to cut back evil, which includes jealousy and envy that other people may be bearing for you. Repeating these words daily, before going to work or seeking a job, you will feel more prepared and less suspicious about the intentions of others.

“O God, the Gentiles have come to your inheritance; they have defiled thy holy temple; they have reduced Jerusalem to heaps.

They gave the dead bodies of your servants for food to the birds of the air, and the flesh of your saints to the beasts of the earth. They spilled their blood like water around Jerusalem, and there was no one to bury them. We are made a reproach to our neighbors, mockery, and derision to those around us.

Until when, Lord? Will you be angry forever? Will your zeal burn like fire? Pour out thy wrath upon the Gentiles that know not thee, and upon the kingdoms that call not on thy name. Because they devoured Jacob, and laid waste his dwellings.

Do not remember our past iniquities; may your mercies come quickly to meet us, for we are already very low.

Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name; and deliver us, and forgive us and our sins for thy name’s sake.

For the Gentiles shall say, Where is your God? Let him be known among the Gentiles, in our sight, for the vengeance of the blood of thy servants, which was poured out.

The groaning of the prisoners shall appear before your face; according to the greatness of thy arm, preserve those who are sentenced to death.

And make our neighbors in his bosom seven times so much of their injury with which they reviled thee, Lord.

So we, your people and the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever; from generation to generation we will sing your praises. “


No wonder Psalm 128 is known as the worker’s psalm and can help you achieve thanks. If you are in doubt about which career to pursue, or which decision to take in your professional life, this psalm has the power to open your ways and help you in the best solution.

Those who walk in the path of light led by the Lord, and do not fall into temptation, manages to triumph on this road, and achieve greatness. Read carefully the psalms of wisdom, which blesses the righteous, as well as their homes and families.

“Blessed is one that feareth the LORD, and walketh in his ways. For you shall eat of the labor of your hands; you will be happy, and you will be well.

Your wife will be like the fruitful vine at the sides of your house; your children like olive plants around your table. Behold, thus shall the man who fears the Lord be blessed.

The Lord will bless you from Zion, and you will see the good of Jerusalem in all the days of your life. And thou shalt see the sons of thy sons, and peace upon you.”

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    Cynthia Ugowhite

    Amen I believe God will answer our prayers

    Tyavkase Charles

    Amen I believe you Father Almighty That with You all things are possible


    Amen I believe I am truly bless and will continue to be bless may the Good Lord bless all on this trend.


    AMEN, I believe God will make away for me to find a job and that God will bless me and make me happy and my family


    I believe that god will never let his people down he always come through for us I am bless I am a child of god he will find a job for me


    I believe God will make a way for me and my family, he will open doors of prosperity and give me a good job in Jesus name amen.

    Victor ademola

    Amen,and amen


    The god will answer away prayers just as you people see amen and amen

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