Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Giant Waves in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Giant Waves in a Dream in Christianity

Do your dreams include surfing through the giant waves far across in the sea, well there is more to these dreams about giant waves. Let’s look at the various interpretations and meanings of dreaming about giant waves.

There are many dreams related to water, but dreaming of giant waves is one of the most curiosity. Is it positive or negative to dream of ocean waves or a tsunami that seems like it will hit you at any moment? Next, we will tell you all the details about this type of aquatic dream.

What is the meaning of dreaming of giant waves?

A dream with waves has a meaning and it is that changes are coming in your life that, probably, have been caused by some situation that you yourself have started. The subconscious has detected it this way and that is why it shows you the possible results or the fears that are associated with that change in life and do so through dreams with giant waves.

Have you just moved to a new house further away from your family and friends? You decided to start living together as a couple? Have you changed your job without being too certain of what awaits you in the new company?

All of these are changes that influence your life, but you don’t know for sure how they will do it in the first place. They can be positive or negative changes and your dream with waves makes you see it.

Types of dreams with giant waves

Depending on the type of dream with waves you have, we can make one interpretation or another.

Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming of giant waves?

Well, below we see some of the most popular dreams related to the waves of the sea:

Dream of giant clear waves

If the waves that appear in your dream are large and light or transparent in color, it means that you are in an ideal moment when your ego is through the roof and nothing can go wrong.

In addition, dreaming of surfing giant waves is interpreted as a perfect adaptation to the new change that has taken place in your life. For example, it can be a good start at the new job, as long as you stay on the board without falling.

If that same dream is twisted and I began to dream of giant waves that cover me, the meaning of the dream changes completely. Now some tremendous problems are to come and you must be prepared.

The bigger the waves that reach you, the worse the problem will be and the more difficult it will be to solve it. For example, a tsunami.

Dreaming of giant waves coming towards me

If the waves are huge and they come towards you, but they do not reach you, it means that a nearby misfortune will not splash you because you will be protected. For example, you can face an expense that on other occasions was out of your budget or you can deliver a job on time.

As you will see, dreaming of ocean waves does not necessarily have to mean something negative. Surfing or having fun playing with the waves is the reward for the effort made in the face of a powerful and necessary change in your life that, obviously, has gone perfectly.

In short, if you are nervous because important changes are coming in your life or these changes have already happened, it is normal to dream of giant waves that symbolize the problems or difficulties you are going through or the fun and well-being of having faced them successfully.

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