July 17 Horoscope


If you were born on July 17, your zodiac sign is Cancer.

People born on this day are practical, loyal and charming. The ruling planet on this day - Saturn endows their character with increased intuition, compassion and attention to others.

If you were born that day, you have a wonderful sense of humor, listening ability and responsibility. They are ambitious and smart, however, at times they suffer from their insecurity. Those born on this day are concerned about the opinions of others about themselves, so they often condemn and drip in themselves.

They have a rich imagination, do not like to sit still.

July 17 Zodiac Birthday Personality

Since you are very smart and hold strong convictions, it is especially important for you to find the opportunity to proclaim your views. In the struggle for high ideals, the fighting spirit and determination awakens in you.

You have a generous soul, capable of compassion, but remember your own need for self-expression and happiness.

Born 17 July Cancer are charming and attract people. You can be quite independent, but also sensitive. Confidence in the future is extremely important to you. Just be careful and don’t sacrifice your ideals for financial well-being.

July 17 Zodiac Career

You are gifted with many talents and are able to clearly, creatively and interestingly express their ideas. The ability to accumulate knowledge can make you a real scholar and serve you well in law or management.

The innate gift of spoken and written words will find application in teaching or in the creation of literary works.

You are also suitable for lecturing, trading or advertising. With strong principles and leadership abilities, you can be a great speaker, politician, or fighter for a worthy cause.

Thanks to your artistry, you are probably able to earn a living in the world of painting, music or theater. Those born on July 17 have the ability to succeed in the main thanks to their excellent mind and ability to work hard for the goal.

July 17 Zodiac Compatibility – Love and Relationships

You are sensitive and attentive, but usually think independently and prefer to solve your problems without outside help. You can be either passionate and impressionable, or cold.

You need a special spiritual connection with your partner, since your ideal of love and devotion is very high.

Although you are friendly and sociable, in moments of uncertainty you need to overcome the fear of loneliness. When you meet a suitable partner, you can be faithful, loving and very caring.

In personal relationships, affectionate, caring and responsive partners. They simply crave love and understanding, therefore they are looking for a person in whom they will feel a soul mate. Reliability, calmness and constant understanding that they are loved are very important for them.

In a long-term relationship, they are ready to compromise and try to avoid disputes. They are sensual, generous and love spontaneity in the bedroom. Daily hugs and kisses - that’s what they need, then they feel loved and desired.

Strengths: patience, friendliness.

Weaknesses: obstinacy, self-doubt.


The number of life paths is 8, it is associated with the keyword “Leader”, which emphasizes rational thinking and excellent organizational skills.

Tarot Card - Star - emphasizes your common sense and insight.

The lucky stone is black pearl, wearing this stone will attract wealth and strength.


Your enthusiasm, caring and cordial nature can help to overcome any difficulties. You should learn to control your moodiness. Trust your intuition and instincts, they will serve you faithfully.

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