Impressing Your Boss by Zodiac Sign

The best way to get along with your boss is by exhibiting the behavior he or she expects from you. But how can you find out what that behavior is? Well, this is where astrology comes into play. Find out what his date of birth - his sun sign reveals and how you can become his favorite employee.

Aries Horoscope

Impress Aries Boss: (March 20 - April 18)

If your boss is Aries, it’s like a fireball with an inexhaustible energy. While he or she gives you orders, you can also check your emails and answer the phone at the same time. Someone who makes decisions quickly, Aries knows how to give leadership with a personal touch. What you need to impress your Aries boss: good grooming, an alert attitude (no yawn!), The ability to recognize your mistakes, sincerity rather than empty compliments, and showing enthusiasm for working overtime.

Taurus HoroscopeImpress Taurus Boss: (April 19 - May 19)

Taurus has a lot of energy and an impeccable sense of organization. Willing to extend the term if you need more time, this boss is a comforting presence instead of a disturbing one. But he or she wants detailed estimates and detests improvisation at work. Your boss Tauro wants you to talk to him about any problem that worries you, proofs or evidences that are profitable (that you generate more than what you are paid to the company), and professional discretion.

Gemini HoroscopeImpress Gemini Boss: (May 20 - June 20)

The Gemini boss is always on the move and chatting through all possible means: cell phone, email, web conferences or video. He or she frequents the corridors with the hope of hearing the last jokes and then runs out to tell the others. Your Gemini boss unconsciously looks for the unpredictable, is more efficient than lightning, is aware of technology, and has the ability to improvise.

CancerImpress Cancer Boss: (June 21 - July 21)

Your sweet Cancer boss may secretly doubt himself. The picture of your family is on display at your desk, and even cares about you and your family. Likewise, Cancer strives to make the office environment comfortable and welcoming. Your Cancer boss wants to be able to trust someone at times, someone who does not get in his way when he’s in a bad mood, and someone who respects the established schedule. And never argue once he or she has made a firm decision.

LeoImpress Leo Boss: (July 22 - August 21)

Leo is a born leader, a person that the people naturally admire. Endowed with charisma, your Leo boss can purr a command and obtain immediate obedience. A healthy dose of personal ambition inspires you to drive in the business world with pride and efficiency. You will be better off when you give him compliments, praise, obedience, worry about your own personal appearance, and get ready to give him credit for your ideas. Oh, and never challenge or eclipse the performance of your Leo boss in public.

VirgoImpress Virgo Boss: (August 22 - September 22)

Despite its low profile, your Virgo boss is incredibly efficient. Always reasonable and in control of his emotions, he or she appreciates that the projects are executed on the scheduled date and without the need for much supervision. The order reigns. What your boss Virgo wants from you is punctuality, an orderly desk, respect for schedules and deadlines, the ability to stay within budget, and impeccable manners.

LibraImpress Libra Boss: (September 23 - October 22)

Your Libra boss is a sociable and impartial person. And although he also flirts a little, he or she always has a kind word for everyone and enjoys spending time during breaks with other employees. Your boss may ask for your opinion often due to an unfortunate and incurable tendency to indecision. To get along with your Libra boss, you must have tact, loyalty to your coworkers, and get ready to socialize during lunchtime. And also smile as much as is humanly possible.

ScorpioImpress Scorpio Boss: (October 23 - November 21)

The Scorpion chief finds an almost perverse enjoyment in exercising his power and authority. Fortunately, he or she is also a logical, determined person and a very efficient administrator or manager. To get along, do not let yourself fall into a showdown of wills. He always admires his work, shows initiative and tolerates his excesses. And above all, trust in the incredible intuition of Scorpio.

SagittariusImpress Sagittarius Boss: (November 22 - December 20)

Sagittarius is an inveterate optimist who is easy to deal with and has a good mood. No problem is too big for your Sagittarius boss to solve it. If the team is successful, the benefits are distributed fairly. What this boss wants from you is that you show respect for subordinates, warmth, good heart, enthusiasm, trust in others, the ability to express ideas, and a steel moral regardless of what happens.

CapricornImpress Capricorn Boss: (December 21 - January 18)

Your Capricorn boss works like a slave and demands that you do the same. He or she sets impossible deadlines and hopes you can achieve more than what is set. What he or she is unconsciously looking for in an employee is punctuality in every way, honesty and the ability to work at the speed of light. This boss is opposed to malicious rumors inside the office and to long breaks at lunchtime, since both only waste valuable time.

AquariusImpress Aquarius Boss: (January 19 - February 17)

Your Aquarian boss is a visionary. Cutting-edge technologies are part of the nature of the Water Bearer, who comes up with a new idea every day and often longs to reorganize the office. You will impress your Aquarian boss the more ideas you have, the more accurate your opinions are (even if they contradict yours), be courteous and open yourself to dialogue.

PiscesImpress Pisces Boss: (February 18 - March 19)

The Pisces chief is sensitive and temperamental. Although he sometimes has trouble expressing ideas verbally, Pisces will demand unwavering loyalty. For some reason, his mysterious logic is always profitable. Expect sudden changes of opinion. To get along, you must agree, accept their flashes of intuition without requiring any explanation, and make yourself available at all times.





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