Definition Of Amulet - What is, Meaning and Concept

According to Pliny, a Roman author of the first century, the amulet is an object that protects people from problems.

Amulets can be both natural and man-made objects, among their most common types are horseshoe, rabbit’s feet, jewelry, stones, bones, shells, horns (very popular with the descendants of Italians).

Among the many important amulets of ancient Egypt was the scarab (in the form of a beetle), which symbolized the resurrection of the dead and eternal life, used to protect against all forms of evil.

The nefer amulet, which showed a slight resemblance to a miniature coffin, was quite valuable because of its powerful ability to donate physical strength, youth, good luck and joy to anyone who wore it.

Amulets in the form of a frog were consecrated to the goddess Hequet and used to ensure female fertility.

Amulets in the form of vultures were used by all those who needed strength and impetuosity.

Gypsies strongly believe in the evil powers of the evil eye that they call berufen (enchantment of the eye), which is why most amulets are designed to provide protection against the evil eye. Bells, fans, whistles, fringes, coins, shells, garlic and snakes are some of the symbols against the evil eye.

And you would then be thinking, “But, does the use of amulets really work?” 

Amulets, sympathies, talismans, among others, are only able to change the circumstances that surround our lives when we firmly believe in them. Therefore, faith is the only aspect that constitutes the true hidden power of amulets.

Do you know what a charm is? ... is an object that protects a person from a problem, and even if you do not believe it is easy to get, even your power is so strong that it protects you and yours, so here I provide three charms that you can gift yours so they are always protected from all the bad, you can even help them attract what they want most.

  • If you want to give away an amulet for the loved one, the magneto is ideal, introduce it inside a red baggie and it will help so that there is always attraction between the 2, also it is an amulet of loyalty because thanks to the features of magnets, your loved one will always find the right way to you.
  • Another option is the key your heart. It’s a heart shaped and locking center said. This you have to give it to the person you love, and you keep the key. This amulet will help maintain a union with your partner.
  • Finally, the rabbit’s foot, is a lucky charm par excellence. This one will bring you fertility and love. Whenever you have one of these charms it’s sure you’ll have a stable partner and lots of kids.

Create your own amulet

Amulets created by our hands are believed to have power and good luck.

You can use plant leaves, tree bark, herbs, fruits, stones, metals, magnets, sands, rocks, earth, stones, organic substances (amber, coral, ivory, pearl), bird feathers and even insects.

When making your own amulet remember that it is your power that counts most. So, at that moment fill yourself with good thoughts. Imagine him bringing you protection, good energy, luck, sympathy ...

At this moment you can surround yourself with a magical atmosphere, adding incense, aroma, soft music ...

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