Archangel Michael Prayer: Creating Change - Now Is The Time To Act!

I am Archangel Michael, and with this message, I want to inform you of the changes taking place in this universe because of your work on earth.

You are all 12-dimensional beings, whether you understand it or don’t, are aware of it or not! When you change on earth, it affects the other 12 dimensions. We encourage you to do your spiritual work, learn, and abide by the universal laws, listen to the messages produced by this channel in your support, and listen to all of mine, as many as possible. They all carry codes; they all have messages of higher light that, if you listen to them, reacts with your DNA and your higher levels of being, the other 9 dimensions that you may or may not know of.

Energies come to you and your planet individually to create these positive changes. Yet, so many hold onto the old ways of life because you are afraid to let go. What are you afraid of? You need to be aware of this. You are warriors, all of you; otherwise, you would not be here on this planet right now, and your contribution is necessary to hold the LIGHT and create the frequency changes that will help Gaia in her ascension, for most of them are fighting against this progress by staying on their paths.

Let go of the old. It no longer serves you. This is my message today. Be the change you want to see.

Yes, it sounds clichéd, but it still applies to every moment of your life. If you wish to change, create it. You are very capable of doing that, all of you. Become aware of how change happens, and Sharon will call Ivo to educate you about it and learn how to do it.

I am a blue-ray; the change we create is always within the power of God. We call on him to always change that we want to see what God wants for us. Study your ray and study what you are capable of in this context, understanding, of course, that you include all rays, but see which ones prevail in you and use this information to understand yourself and how you Change your life and the lives of others for the better.

Be the change you want.

I am always here for you,

I remain

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael: You are suppressing your piety

I am Archangel Michael, and I have a message for all people on planet earth.

You are suppressing your piety

For those who live in your daily life, never looking past the end of the day, never looking outside of your everyday life, what you call normal, all your behavior and the hustle and bustle of your activities is indeed a means of suppression. You don’t realize this, of course, because that’s all you’ve learned. But it is true. You never stop wondering if this is what you really want to do, who you really want to be, or if that is actually what you decided to be in this incarnation.

Do you ever wonder that?

Questioning life is more important than believing you have all the answers. It is not your job to give your explanations. It is the job of those ordained as your guides, healers, and heavenly truth bringers. The LIGHT team that is working with you is there to tell you what you need to know, what it is that you came here for. It is not your job or your authorities’ job to tell you this.

Your life has been seized

It is and remains a sad, worn-out train on a tragic, worn-out rail system that goes in circles. With their silver bodies and gold trim, the new high-speed trains pull past you as you travel your life with so little power and so little speed.

Your world is a sacred place

Yes, see them as such. See them as sacred. This could be a challenge if you insist on looking at them through the same glasses you’ve used all your life. Throw off those glasses and find new ones that will show you the reality of what is going on in everyone’s life. You are all beings of holiness, divine beings who came to this planet to raise them back to heaven. But to be able to do this, you have to see yourself as capable. And you are.

I say your life is repressive. That’s them. When you repress your true reality, don’t ask questions; in fact, you have been enabled to believe you have all the answers. Do you have them? Do you know what’s behind your sun? Have you ever looked? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever asked the question: “Who am I really?” “Why I’m here?” “What am I here for? What should I do?” These questions will lead you to your truth.

Do you see divinity in all life around you? Do you see the happiness of a dog when it greets you, the smell of the ocean when its waves break on the shore, do you see the blaze of colors of a mountain landscape in autumn, do you see the beauty of the starry sky at night when you look at it? This is God. This is creation. Yet you insist not to see the grace of creation in yourself and in others around you. You see them as different. Those people are different from creation; they are not.

You are the Creator. You created this beautiful reality that you call Mother Earth. It is of you, and you are of her.

See yourself as one with heaven, earth, and heavens. Let your heart open to see your divinity. Understand that you are in an unnatural system right now, and that system will close. When it closes, you will feel free, but only when you break free from it.

And that means you need to stop suppressing emotions. Emotions are the guide, the key to your future. When they sing for you, follow their song. If they yell at you, stop and don’t take a step. Because they tell you where to go, what to do and how to create.

When you suppress your emotions, you suppress your divinity. You are suppressing your power, your beauty, your generosity. You crowd out your life and stay small.

That little thing has to change, and it has to change now. So it is decided, and it will be done.

Work with the Creator to change this world into one worthy of His love for you. Open your heart. Open your mind. Be grateful for changes.

And so it is.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael: Now is the time to act!

I am Archangel Michael, warrior of the kingdom of heaven, protector of the angelic kingdom, divine motivator of the light warrior power on your planet.

It is time. The time has come. The time has come for you to step into your power, to understand that you are powerful beings who have come to this planet to effect change. You are the leading edge, the front line. You are those higher dimensional beings who are a conduit for the energies of God’s love, the energies from the galactic system of stars, and you are the ones who ground these energies in Gaia’s soil.

On a resume like this, I ask, “What are you waiting for? Why are you listening to those who tell you to wait? What you are waiting for is yourself. Create yourself and others Every day is a new opportunity to create a new reality, yet you wait as if someone else is doing it for you?

You are one of us. Many are angels, many are lower frequency souls, but you are all here to make a change. Creating change doesn’t require you to wait for someone else to do it. It requires being open to opportunities and acting on them.

Ask yourself, “What can I do today? How can I change the way I think, how can I change my actions to create a new world for myself and others? How can I increase my frequency?”

The new earth will come if you allow it.

I am always there for you,

I remain

Archangel Michael of the highest divine kingdom.

We have never left you.

Ashtar Sheran: “It was difficult to ask some to go to a dying planet for energy, but you have volunteered, and the universe and everyone in it thanks to you.

I am Archangel Michael, Divine Warrior of Light, at your service.

Yes, we have to repeat this repeatedly: You don’t do your work alone. We are always with you, by your side, helping you move through the lower densities until you rise again to see the truth of the light.

We stand by your side, we watch over you, we protect you until you can protect yourself. We are your keepers, your servants, and your guides, those forces of LIGHT who came to earth with you to love and protect you as you walk your difficult paths.

I’ve been with Sharon, and all my life, I’ve fought off the darkness that kept attacking her while she was aware of who she is and while she was not. I was there. Hieronymous and Jerimul, their principality and their throne, were there for them. I always held her hand as she walked towards the light and out of the darkness.

The darkness had plans for her, as for all of you, to let her descend into the depths of her hell, and yet she endured and triumphed over the darkness in her life.

I came to her one night when she was going through her dark soul night and watched over her and kept the demons of hell away from her so that she could transform her pain. She didn’t know who I was, but I knew who she is, and that’s all that matters to us, the servants of God.

We love you like our own children. We love you for the work you do and for the goodness you are.

We care for you as we care for ourselves. No harm will happen to you. It is not God’s plan for you to be harmed. That is the plan of darkness. Follow the light, and the darkness cannot touch you.

Your world is turning around now, turning to face the light of the sun, not the darkness of your moon. You will rise and rebalance this planet as it has never known. Heaven will sing songs of glory as we do now in your triumphs.

Do not be afraid. Fear is the enemy. Find a reason to love everyone and send them a message. Love is all there is. There is nothing else.

I stay, Archangel Michael.

I love you all. Call me and my armed forces if you need us.

You are bearers of light.

Here is Archangel Michael with a message for the Lightworkers. Those of you who have descended to earth in this now are the bearers of truth, not victims of your circumstances.

Soul connection is required for you to move on to this new enlightened way of being. Without a soul connection, you remain what you have learned, any role or roles you play. Authenticity is what you seek in yourself - your own truth, your own inner light.

This is a journey full of courage. The courage to change everything you have learned, everything you thought you knew, everything you thought you were, to stand on new ground, the new ground of truth, the new reality that is now on your planet comes.

We stand by you when you take steps to change. Change is difficult for those injected with lies, but it’s important nonetheless. The energies of renewal support your journey and propel you forward as your soul draws you towards them. You are the leaders of humanity now, not your presidents, not your social figures - it is you who have this responsibility to your people - it is you who chose to do this so long ago.

You have studied, you have prepared, and you have incarnated on earth in other lifetimes to help change the course of humanity in these eras.

You got a sense of how the lower dimensional body and mind think and feel. You have practiced feeling and getting used to the lower energies. Then you went away. You returned to the higher realms, to other worlds and other dimensions, where you worked and studied more in preparation for your final challenge - life on earth at a time of near-death for a species.

Yes, your people are being degraded to double-stranded DNA beings. This is near death for a human being since the human body can produce 12 strands of DNA without difficulty, even with blissful joy. You have prepared to come here, you have prepared to understand what to fight for, you have prepared to be here at this crucial point in the galaxy’s history.

You have become truth holders. You came to fight the darkness. You are powerful beings, more than you would ever understand from your low-frequency perspective, but you are. You are the darlings of the universe right now because you have taken up the battle, so few wanted to fight. You knew it was important to this planet and all of humanity - because we are all one. Human beings are one family, one body in a larger body called God. When one part of the body is destroyed, the rest suffers.

You are ordered to rise from the slumber under which others live. It’s prescribed.

Change your mind. Question everything you come across and ask: “Is that loving?” You have got the wrong impression of what love is through your fearful mind. Still, love is pure, love is forgiveness, love does not attack, love is happiness and accepts everything.

Your mind has been ruled by evil for so long that you can no longer remember love. So you don’t remember yourself. These next few years will be a great awakening for all of you as you are on your way into the light. It will come. The epiphany will come. The purification of everything into a purer form. When you all remember yourself again.

We support you in your work to remember yourselves and to transform your thinking into a higher light. We are all one. We work together as a strong unit against evil, against darkness.

You are our guides. We have sent our best to earth.

I stay,

Archangel Michael of the highest light

You are the warriors

I am Archangel Michael, the highest of the sacred legion of angels who now serve your planet.

On earth now, there is concern about your future. There are several parties now vying for supremacy and the chance to end their schedule or to move the world to another plan that is in line with the light and will of God for you.

You are the warriors. In what you call modern style, you use everything you have at your disposal to calm, soothe, inform, prove and bring on board those who do not understand, the ignorant.

Take ever day as it comes! Take every sunrise with renewed vigor. You are the warrior now called to revitalize your planet. You are the ones who have slumbered for so long and who are now taking action.

Hold up your swords. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so use your pen. Write your words that will erase evil. Write a better script for humanity.

We are by your side. We whisper words of help to you. We help you in your daily struggles to shine the light on the prevailing darkness.

You are the warriors. You are strong. You should be commended for your dedication, loyalty, and service.

Your world will see a new dawn. And so it is.

I stay,

Archangel Michael

Angel visits: 6 signs that the Archangel Michael is around you

Archangel Michael is a powerful force of protection and divinity for one of the best-known and most admired archangels. He is the leader of the angels and exiled from all negativity and all evils that stand in the way of humanity. He is also the only angel mentioned by name in all three of the world’s most sacred texts.

With such prestige and power, many are surprised to learn that the Archangel Michael also communicates directly with us. Think of him as the bodyguard of the earthly world. While leading the good fight against evil and protecting us from the path of evil, Archangel Michael is also called to lead and guide us through harsh trials and truths.

When will Archangel Michael hold out your hand?

Archangel Michael can intervene in our lives at any time when we experience negativity. Maybe you are struggling to find peace, or maybe a loved one has recently died. Perhaps you are faced with a difficult decision or need help in a crisis.

Whatever trials life throws at you, you can rely on the power of the angels to help and advise.

Although many angels reach out and communicate with us in times of need, here, you can find out whether Archangel Michael himself is in direct contact with you.

You hear a persistent voice that won’t fade away

Do you hear a strong voice within yourself? That could be Archangel Michael. He makes sure that his voice is heard loud and clear. Unlike other angels, who often wrap their messages in mystery and intrigue, Archangel Michael gets straight to the point. His voice is undeniably loud, bold, and blunt. He says it as it is and cuts his message so that there are no guesses about what to say or how you should go about it.

In some cases, that voice can feel like the booming sound of thunder. In other cases, however, it can appear like a whisper out of nowhere. However you hear him, you know that his message always comes from a place of love.

You find physical signs

He leaves physical signs - like sprinkling breadcrumbs on top - to help you decipher his message and to trust your instincts.

Many of us rely on physical signs to confirm that what we are feeling is real. Our angels choose the signs they show, and it is up to us to pay attention. Some may be more subtle than others, but they will stand out in their own unique way (that is if we pay attention!). Seeing is believing, as the saying goes, and Michael is more than happy to meet it.

As Archangel Michael is a divine protector, his signs often revolve around rest and protection. He may also be sending out various physical signs, such as feathers until you feel at peace with his message.

You notice heightened tones of blue and purple

Angel lights are usually pure, white flashes of light that look like shimmering flashes. Like the Archangel Michael, more powerful angels have colored lights that relate to their individual divine purpose. For Archangel Michael, these lights are blue and purple that represent his powerful aura of protection. Above all, these are also colors that we associate with truth, honesty, and serenity - all qualities that this archangel embodies.

You feel a warm, tingly feeling

The presence of Archangel Michael is as clear and brave as his voice. Notice how you feel when Archangel Michael is present and guides you in life. You may even feel a positive change in your energy and mood.

Archangel Michael is also the archangel of the sun, the source of all warmth. In mortal culture, Michael is often depicted with a burning sword. So it’s not surprising that people report that they feel tremendous heat when he speaks to them (some even start sweating!). Do you know the song Heat Wave by Martha & the Vandellas? Yes, this is how you will feel.

You become overwhelmed by an overwhelming sense of peace

Archangel Michael is a great protector, so there is no doubt that feelings of peace, comfort, and positivity will come over you in his presence. We feel safe when Michael is around because he saves us from all forms of harm and negativity.

Imagine being hugged by Michael’s immense angel wings and protected from evil. How wonderful is that? We are wrapped in his cocoon of love and protection that can instantly dry tears, calm hearts, and calm nerves. That feeling of peace and calm is truly a gift.

You keep meeting Michaels

Does it look like you run into a Michael everywhere you go? Do you keep seeing the name on the internet? Or do you hear it repeated on television? That could be a sign that this archangel is making his presence known.

Not so long ago, I was teaching an angel course at a conference. I felt compelled to keep talking about Archangel Michael, which is a little unusual for me. It turned out that Archangel Michael wanted me to deliver a special message to a woman in the audience whose boyfriend had recently passed away. His name was Michael too.

Never underestimate the magic of synchronicity!

Is Archangel Michael with you?

The presence of one or two of these signs is not enough to indicate that Archangel Michael is walking next to you. Hold on to the signs of the Archangel Michael that appear in your life. The more you experience (especially around you), the greater the chance that he will walk next to you at that moment. Chances are that the whisper you hear, the colors you see, the heat you feel, the signs you discover, and the incomparable sense of peace are more than just coincidence.

Remember, you can always invite Archangel Michael (or any of the angels!) To bring peace and comfort during a time of need. The more in tune with yourself and the more open your mind, the better able you will be to trust, listen, and act on the guidance of the angels you receive.




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