Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Rape in a Dream

Just thinking about a rape refers to some of the most despicable, dark, and repulsive behaviors that a human being can show, and of course, to an outrage of tremendous dimensions for those who suffer it. So rape, even when it occurs in dreams, is almost always a negative sign.

As rape is the use of violence to achieve a specific objective, in the dream world it is also linked to attacks against the greatest affections of the person, be these their convictions or their loved ones.

What does it mean to dream of rape?

Dreaming of rape is a nightmare that refers to the deepest sexual fears. The person who dreams that he rapes another is a person who is repressing great violence and who must channel his impulses with some appropriate activity for it (such as physical exercise) to appease such discomfort. There is in this dream an enormous load of revenge towards the opposite sex.

A person who is raped in dreams can find an erotic meaning if he enjoys the act, which may mean that he secretly wants to be dominated on that plane. If not, it deserves a review as there may be hidden masochistic behavior in it. This masochism will not necessarily be pleasant and can be expressed in the form of submission in the face of the adversities of everyday life.

The meaning of dreaming of their violation is very different if it is not enjoyed. It may be that you feel abused on a real level by your ex-partner, who does not respect your feelings. A person who is raped suffers a trauma so it can be interpreted as the need to reveal hidden suffering and be comforted.

Meaning of dreaming that you witness a violation

If the protagonist of the dream only witnesses the rape, there is a problem of a sexual nature in his life and he has not taken action on the matter to resolve it. It’s time for therapy.

If you witness the rape of someone you love, some threat hangs over that person. It is worth advising you to be careful with the risky situations in which you operate or in which you plan to participate.

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