Meaning of Facebook in a Dream

Meaning of Facebook in a Dream

Social networks are here to stay and have begun to make a series of differences in people’s lives, both positive and negative. While many people use them from time to time to share things from their life with their friends, other people seem to be obsessed with sharing personal content on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

People who do not stop sharing personal content on social networks have caught the attention of researchers and psychologists since it has been shown that social networks can affect people’s moods and even on their quality of life.

But what does it mean to dream of Facebook? Do you constantly think that you use the social network or that people say bad things about you? This may be because you use Facebook a lot, but it can also indicate that it is affecting your life.

Do you feel like your life seems sponsored by someone? Are you obsessed with what they say about you? Are you worried about what others say? Is the family too cheeky about what you post on Facebook? These are reasons to dream of Facebook.

What is the meaning of dreaming about Facebook?

To know what it means to dream of Facebook, you must take into account the contexts in which the dream takes place. That is, if you dream that people say good things about you or that you stay to organize an event with your friends, the dream will have a very different meaning than if you dream that you receive criticism or cyberbullying from Facebook.

It is related to communication. Dreaming of Facebook also refers to how you present yourself to the world. How you want to be seen.

Dreaming about you receiving a private message on Facebook:

This can mean that an important event will take place in a short time. It could be a birthday, a concert, or an event you’ve been waiting for for a long time. That is why you have the uncertainty of whether you could actually read the message or not. You should speak to the person who sent you that message as soon as possible.

Dreaming about constantly visualizing the Facebook wall :

If no matter how much you look at the wall you do not find any interesting news, this means that your life has been stuck in a routine that bores you. You feel trapped and that nothing interesting happens in your life.

Dreaming that you delete a friend from Facebook

This means that for a long time you have been very upset by the attitude that one of your friends has adopted. If after deleting it in your dream, you receive a friend request again from this person, it means that deep down you feel guilty for having deleted it. That means you don’t want to lose your friendship, but you want to express your anger at your friend so that things can change.

Dreaming about Facebook and friends you never meet

Facebook has served to put people in contact who had not seen each other for years and for some to follow the lives of others through photos, videos, and expressions. If you dream of Facebook and friends that you never see, clearly you are missing them  and a reunion would be ideal.

Dreaming of Facebook and friends that you see regularly

You not only see these people frequently but you see what they do continuously on Facebook. It is not always good to know so much about some people, it takes away the magic from the relationship. Dreaming of Facebook and friends you always see can mean that you  need to build your own, intimate space , which allows you to surprise them at the next meeting.

Dream About Facebook Pages:

It  seems that your dreams have sponsors. Dreaming of Facebook pages that you follow indicates that you  spend too much time reading about what others are doing  and less about yourself. Your dreams have commercials included and without a doubt that is a problem because they do not allow you to rest.

Dreaming of Facebook and the family:

the family is the fundamental cell of society, but having mothers, aunts, or grandmothers aware of everything you say on Facebook is not the best. That is why some flee from Facebook to other social networks.  If your dreams are with Facebook and family, you should consider switching social networks.

Dreaming of Facebook indicates that you may be spending too much time on that social network. Diversifying, going outside, and doing other activities can be a great idea. There is a very interesting world beyond Facebook.

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