Uncovering The Dark Side Of All Zodiac Signs

A tour of the uncomfortable, repetitive and toxic characteristics of the signs. Do you recognize yourself?

Each sign has a shadow side, a part of itself that is indomitable, leading to a certain repetitive circle of behavior. When defining this part, it will depend on how they connect with their energy, if they do it from their positive or negative sides, if they take advantage of that quality or find it a nuisance. They can be about ambition, selfishness, pride, or over-sensitivityKnow which side is that does not benefit you from your sign.

What is the dark side of your sign?

The dark side of Aries

The weak point of an Aries can be his bad mood. If a situation bothers you, you can become a bit aggressive, impulsive and selfish. An angry Arian will seek to fight and argue until you agree with him because, for him, things are his way or they are not.

The dark side of Taurus

The Taurus can become very materialistic and stingy. At the same time, it is very routine and can be a bit boring. Changes are complex for him. He is not flexible at all and is often called a “hard head.” He is slow in all aspects of his life, both when it comes to eating and making decisions.

The dark side of Gemini

His weakness is his emotional ups and downs, becoming somewhat bipolar. They are challenging to know in-depth. After all, they seek constant change, which affects their personality, because every day, they can be different and change their minds quickly. Your life can be very intense and fast-paced. For Geminis, everything has to have an explanation, and their curiosity takes them to the point of not being able to relax for a second. They can be unfaithful.

The dark side of Cancer

They can be closed people, unable to tell how they feel or what they think. Cancer are cold, calculating, and mark the distance with their peers. They have a hard time showing their feelings for fear of being hurt. Cancer tend to be messy, untidy, and accumulative. They are the typical ones who have a messy house.

The dark side of Leo

He is called “the superb of the zodiac” because he constantly seeks to show off to others. He can be erratic, bossy, and a bit loud. They are people who seek to attract attention, both when dressing and sharing group spaces. They like a luxury, have expensive habits and “airs of grandeur.”

The dark side of Virgo

Its weakness lies in detail. They can be very obsessive and constantly seek error in others. This makes them nonconformist and critical. They are the “singles” of the zodiac because they never find the perfect person. For a Virgo, he does everything better than the other and is never one hundred percent happy because he looks for the classic “hair to the egg.” They are obsessive with order and can go crazy and drive others when something is out of place.

The dark side of Libra

The Libras may be somewhat false because you never know what they think. After all, they avoid conflict, and they can tell the other what they want to hear. They do not know how to be alone; Libra constantly seek romance and seduction to be banal and superficial. Libra do not engage with anything deeply and can come to appear in front of others.

The dark side of Scorpio

Its weakness is its intensity and complexity. They are vindictive people who can be very cruel, jealous, and possessive. Scandalous, they seek constant conflict and fighting. They are lovers of power and very ambitious, always seeking to dominate all situations. Manipulators and controllers , they can make the other feel guilty.

The dark side of Sagittarius

The Sagittarians always seek right, correcting the rest as “plum teacher”“. They argue, fight and provoke others constantly. People who love freedom do not tend to commit to their partners or be too faithful. They waste money because they are lovers of parties, travel, and adventures. They are bombastic, always in quantity and without measure.

The dark side of Capricorn

They can be cold and distant people, somewhat pessimistic and negative. Your first answer is always NO to everything. They like to be the authority, to be bosses, and they are often controlling and dominant. Rules and punctuality govern them, and if someone does not follow them, they are easily angered. They are stingy, greedy, and austere. Hermits, you don’t like parties. They do not associate with anyone unless it is for ambitious purposes.

The dark side of Aquarius

They are detached people who run away from love relationships. Aquarius are mental, observant, and calculating who avoid compromising and getting deeply involved with someone else. They do not care about the opinion of others, which often makes them say what they think, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Aquarius sign people can be too eccentric. They try everything, nothing scares them, they are arrogant, and sometimes they can be the classic “character” of the group.

The dark side of Pisces

Pisces are very demanding people. Their sensitivity causes them to tend to depression, be little independent, cry constantly, and take on the role of “victim” in life. They are often manipulative and contradictory with their thoughts. Weak in character and somewhat lazy.

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