Know The Power Color For Each Zodiac Sign In 2024 For Good Luck

Many times the colors reveal a lot about our emotions. But it can also influence our health. Therefore, color therapy is a resource used by many people who are looking for a lighter and healthier life.

Chromotherapy is nothing more than the use of color to restore physical and emotional balance. It is an alternative treatment, which employs the application of color to one’s own person or the use of clothing with the tone that directly interferes with one’s mood.

Just as each color has its meaning, so do the signs. Check below what is the color of your sign:

Lucky Color For Aries in 2024

This sign is ruled by the planet Mars, which in mythology was the god of war. Thus, blood red is its official color. The milder variants can be cherry, guava and salmon. The body part governed by Aries is the head, so wear accessories such as hats, earrings and glasses. In the shades of red, of course.

Lucky Color For Taurus in 2024

Ruled by the planet Venus, the Taurean will feel good using any shade of pink or blue. Lavender and lilac will bring calm to the most tense moments. The neck is the Taurus-ruled body part - wearing scarves, necklaces and chains in the colors of the sign will help bring serenity.

Lucky Color For Gemini in 2024

The color of Gemini is yellow, the color of joy. When you want more calm, you can use a lighter tone; Blue and lilac also give balance. The planet of this sign is Mercury and the members of the body are the shoulders, arms and hands. Bracelets, watches and rings are a great choice.

Lucky Color For Cancer in 2024

Cancerians are ruled by the moon and the official color is white. Silver and pearles look good for women and cream for both sexes. When you want sobriety you can use navy blue or gray; but if you want to dare, bet on Pink or sky blue. The part governed by the sign Cancer is the stomach.

Lucky Color For Leo in 2024

Ruled by the sun, leos are pure illumination - warm colors like orange, yellow and gold fit them perfectly. To calm their spirits, they can bet on a lighter shade of yellow, but they can abuse golden and flashy accessories. The body part of this sign is the thorax - or the heart.

Lucky Color For Virgo in 2024

The color of this sign is green. Associated with healing, this color can be used in all shades by virgins, as well as earth tones and white. They are colors that provide peace and harmony to the natives of this sign. But when they want to be more sociable, they can bet on yellow. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo’s body area is the womb.

Lucky Color For Libra in 2024

Librans can use pastel shades, pink and water green. As it is an undecided sign, stronger tones such as navy and wine can help at decisive times. Ruled by Venus, they appreciate classic beauty and enjoy floral accessories, jewellery and belts. The body area of ​​this sign is the kidneys and the lower back.

Lucky Color For Scorpio in 2024

The natives of this sign are ruled by Pluto and Mars and feel good with sober tones such as dark red, wine, black and brown. For light days, opt for salmon or earthy tones. Tight and sensual clothes enhance the beauty of women and sunglasses highlight the seductive men of Scorpio. The body part of this sign is the genitals.

Lucky Color For Sagittarius in 2024

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius will get along with the violet and magenta colors. As a versatile sign that likes to live outdoors, the olive green color is also a good choice. Sagittarius body parts are the thighs and the hip.

Lucky Color For Capricorn in 2024

The discreet Capricorn will prefer equally discreet colors. Black, military green and gray are the colors they most identify with. When you ask for more lightness, bet on the blue. Ruled by Saturn, they also look good in silver. The parts governed by this sign are the legs.

Lucky Color For Aquarius in 2024

Blue is the ideal color of this Uranus-ruled sign - and can be in various shades, from vibrant turquoise and deep blue to light azure. Citrus tones are also a good choice. Different accessories will highlight all the Aquarian originality.

Lucky Color For Pisces in 2024

Colors greatly influence the natives of Pisces. Because they are very sensitive, colors such as pool blue, water green, lilac and light pink will make them feel in harmony. But wine and magenta may give some strength to the natives of this sign. This sign rules the ankles and feet.

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