The Key Catchphrases Of Each Zodiac Sign

When we live with someone a lot we know by heart and sauté the phrases most spoken by that person. Not just one, but some people. Over time, we relate certain expressions to them, it is as if each person in our life had a specific staff. If we separate the people we live in according to their signs we will probably see a similarity between the phrases they say.

Below are some typical phrases for each zodiac sign. Check it out and see if you identify your friends, family, loves and especially yourself:

Aries Catchphrases

“I’m not sure what I want, but I want it right now!”
- Let’s go! You roll a lot!
- If it’s good for me, it’s good for you. My rules are golden!

Taurus Catchphrases

- I’m hungry!
- I need to face the changes, they are necessary. But not today.
- What’s the matter with wanting some comfort?

Gemini Catchphrases

“Do you know about the last gossip?”
- I was fine, but then hit a bad and now I don’t know anymore.
- I’m going for a walk! I have been standing for a long time! (and it was only 5 minutes ago)

Cancer Catchphrases

- No place in the world is better than my home.
- You love Me?
“I was going to keep it to myself and say nothing, but I have to say, I’m upset!”

Leo Catchphrases

- I don’t need anyone to compliment me, I know I’m amazing!
- I’m much stronger than you think, and I’ll prove it to everyone!
“It’s not vanity, I just like taking care of myself.”

Virgo Catchphrases

- I need to fix this here!
- That’s not the right way to do it!
“There’s no way I can reason through all this mess!”

Libra Catchphrases

- I can not decide.
- Too bad you went through this, but you think I’ve been through 10 times worse ...
- Always weigh both sides of anything and you will come to the conclusion you need.

Scorpio Catchphrases

“I don’t hold a grudge, I just don’t think it’s easy to get over that boy ignoring me in first grade!”
“I find revenge a completely normal thing.”
- I haven’t had a good f**k in a while ...

Sagittarius Catchphrases

- Willingness to do something really cool!
- I’m so bored!
- I’m free, don’t waste your time trying to change it!

Capricorn Catchphrases

- I can’t, I’m busy!
“It’s not a matter of being very responsible or ambitious, it’s just a matter of thinking ahead and doing the right thing!”
- One day I’ll still have a lot of fun!

Aquarius Catchphrases

- Things shouldn’t be like this.
- Let’s fight for our rights!
- Shall we do something different? Something we have never done before? Will be fun!

Pisces Catchphrases

- Why is the world so cruel?
“No one understands me no matter how hard I try!”
- I can’t finish anything!




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