Solar Return Sun in 10th House

What does it mean when the Sun of the Solar Return is located in the 10th house and how can you take advantage of this influence?

What meaning does the Sun of the Solar Return have in the 10th house?

When the Sun of the Solar Revolution is located in the 10th house, the person is in a favorable year to promote their professional projects, promote their work and gain prestige since they will be able to excel in this area if they set their mind to it. This year you will reap on a professional level what you have sown in previous years and the relationship with bosses, authorities or superiors will be relevant. If you have this position, what happens during the year will significantly influence your reputation, prestige or public image.

Generally, the years in which the Sun of the Solar Revolution falls in the 10th house, events occur that mark a before and after in professional life or trade. Everything you believe in this area of ​​your life will be important in the future. This year focus on developing your career.

The Sun is related to our ability to create or give life and therefore the house where the Sun of the year is located indicates the areas or themes where our creative potential will be stronger and we can leave our personal stamp. It is the house where our intentions will flourish and therefore we must focus on those areas. What you believe will be important or transcendent in the future. If your Sun of the year is located in the 10th house, organize activities where you can promote what you do and connect with the public. Likewise, a relationship with someone important or in a position of authority will be decisive for your success and achievement of goals during the year. Furthermore, the 10th house is related to one of the parents, so maintain a good relationship with them and if you want to share a project with one, this influence will benefit you.

What is the Solar Return?

The Solar Return is a predictive technique that allows us to study the forecasts for a year from the moment of the birthday until the next birthday and for this a map is created taking into account the date on which the Sun returns to the same point in the that was at the time of birth.

Sign of the Sun in the Solar Return

The Sign of the Sun in the Solar Return is the same as in the birth chart, so it does not vary year after year. It has to do with the way we express our gifts, talents and creative potential. For example, the Sun in Leo is a sign of leadership and daring, the Sun in Virgo of rational intelligence and work capacity, and the Sun in Scorpio of passion, tenacity and determination.

Aspects of the Sun in the 10th house of the Solar Return

The harmonious aspects that the Sun receives in the 10th house of the Solar Revolution are related to opportunities and situations that will lead you to advance in the professional field, while the inharmonious aspects can indicate problems with bosses or superiors, as well as obstacles in this area of ​​your life. life.

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