Solar Return Moon in 8th House

What meaning does the Moon have in the 8th house of the Solar Revolution and how should you work with this influence?

The house where the Moon of the Solar Return is located indicates those areas or themes of life where experiences will have the most influence on our emotional world during the year and where we will tend to react unconsciously, reflecting situations from the past.

5 keys to understand the meaning of the Moon in the 8th house of the Solar Revolution

  1. With the Moon in this house of the annual chart you should vibrate high and stay away from toxic situations or people since you will react in an extreme or drastic way if you feel bad.
  2. Your sex life will significantly influence your mood and temperament, so focus on developing this aspect if you are in a relationship.
  3. You are in a year in which you will experience a transformation of your emotions and therefore emotional therapies are favored.
  4. With this position it is possible that family secrets or hidden feelings will be revealed.
  5. With the Moon in this house you will tend to live both positive and negative experiences with great passion.

The sign of the Moon in the Solar Return

In the Solar Return, the Moon answers the question: How do I feel? and the sign where it is located allows us to determine the type of people who will positively influence our mood during the year. In this way, if you have the annual Moon in Libra ♎, relate to balanced, equanimous and charming people, if you have the Moon in Aries ♈ you should relate to enthusiastic, dynamic and enterprising people and if you have the Moon in Capricorn ♑ with ambitious, practical and realistic people since you will connect emotionally with them.

On the other hand, remember that you will tend to express the harmonious traits of the Moon sign when you feel good while in moments of emotional imbalance you will show the inharmonious traits . For example, if the annual Moon is in Aries ♈ you will act with determination, courage and initiative when you feel good and impulsively, impatient or conflictive when something affects you emotionally.

Aspects of the Moon in the 8th house of the Solar Return

The aspects of the Moon in the Solar Return are related to the way we react to situations that mobilize our emotional world. For example, if the Moon is square Uranus in the annual chart, the person will tend to act radically and irreverently when they feel distressed by a situation. With this aspect, it is possible that the person experiences an unforeseen event during the year that affects their emotional world. On the other hand, if the Moon is in trine with Jupiter, you will be happy, enthusiastic and optimistic when you have positive experiences that make you feel happy.

The harmonious aspects that reach the Moon in the 8th house are related to both positive results in negotiations and in your sexual life, while the inharmonious aspects can indicate crises and transformative experiences.

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