September 22 Horoscope


If you were born on September 22, your zodiac sign is Virgo.

September 22 Zodiac Love Characteristics and Personality 

The ruling planet on this day - Uranus makes these people eager for intellectual communication even more than the rest of the Virgo. These are hardworking and disciplined people. They value what they themselves and others do.

They love stability, for the sake of it money and night are ready to work, as well as compromises. Their need for communication and exchange of ideas is unique. Love mental stimulation. Not so much afraid of changes as other representatives of the sign. They need a partner who will drive intelligence. This person should be interesting and young in soul.

They need a partner who will appreciate understanding and care, he must be sincere, then in return he will receive attention, devotion and loyalty.

Strengths: optimism, practicality, professionalism.

Weaknesses: stubbornness, moodiness.

Personal qualities born on September 22

You are responsive to love and affection, good-natured, generous and you are a faithful, good friend.

However, distinguished by pride and obstinacy, you are prone to mood swings, irritability and nervousness.

Often, an insightful mind saves you from excessive sensitivity and receptivity, but, deciding on something, you show strong will and firmness. Such resilience helps those born on September 22 to achieve unheard of success.

You are a good psychologist, able to get to the bottom of the problem and understand what is hidden behind visible manifestations, as well as instinctively feeling the intentions and motives of people’s behavior. This insight helps in the work and gives the ability to influence others.

Work and vocation born on September 22

Analytical skills and intelligibility help you become an excellent editor, writer, teacher or scientist.

Equally, you can succeed as an intermediary, salesman or advertising agent or in public relations work.

Leadership and organizational skills, as well as the ability to draw up strategic plans, contribute to the choice of a profession related to the world of commerce, where you can succeed in negotiating or in implementing large projects.

Thanks to a good sense of structure, those born on September 22 can become good architects or draftsmen. The humanistic side of your nature can lead you to social reform or to the world of medicine.

Love and partnership born on September 22

Despite strong views and convictions, you are striving for partnership. Since love and friendship are important to you, you often give in and show diplomacy and tact to maintain a harmonious relationship.

You are a cheerful, proud, strong-willed person, domineering and at the same time charming and attractive.

Constantly searching for the ideal partner, you believe in long-term alliances and are able to be faithful and devoted to the one you have chosen. However, if you do not feel the proper attention and affection, avoid uncertainty and jealousy.

September 22 Zodiac Numerology

The number of life paths is 4, it is associated with the keyword “Honesty” emphasizes your responsibility and sincerity.

The Tarot Card - The Fool - emphasizes enterprise and intuition.

Lucky stone is topaz, wearing this stone will relieve stress and attract good luck.

September 22 Tips

Your stamina and strong sense of purpose will allow you to achieve anything. Natural friendliness, reliability, kindness and common sense will help to make great friends. You should lower your ideals somewhat and be more flexible.

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