October 1 Horoscope


You are a strong-willed and independent person, charming and diplomatic. Ambition encourages you to constantly improve the conditions around you. Thanks to your charm and ability to communicate, people feel in your presence easily and naturally.

You were born on October 1, zodiac sign Libra. Since you have the determination, organizational skills and good business sense, then, when combining these advantages with friendliness, excellent manners, perseverance and self-discipline, you are simply guaranteed success.

You need love and tenderness. Your artistic inclinations are obvious, and the craving for art can find a way out in appeal to music, painting, theater, as well as in the desire to surround yourself with beautiful and exquisite objects.

The driving force of your behavior can be the desire for security, the will to power or the dream of independence and prosperity. Due to your ability to think big, you must certainly play a leading role and act from a position of strength.

You are a rather proud and domineering person, and sometimes even selfish. Therefore, you do not always listen to criticism and rarely learn from mistakes made.

Talented and witty, you are usually active and work hard, showing initiative and insight in any business. Do not forget that you should be more patient and not be stubborn.

When you are inspired by any idea or project, your talent and vitality can give an excellent result.

Until the age of 21, you are mainly interested in relationships with others, strengthening social ties and high earnings. At 22, you will feel a profound emotional shift that will determine your life for the next thirty years, forcing you to overestimate the desire for power and the importance of emotions.

Another transitional moment awaits you at age 52: you must become bolder and lose your fear of risk. Perhaps traveling and getting to know foreigners will enrich your life experience.

October 1 Zodiac Personality 

Trusting your accurate and quick-acting intuition, you can become surprisingly wise. Remember that your will to power is expressed in self-improvement and achievement of high social status.

Therefore, if you are constantly in a humiliating subordinate position for you, then you will not reveal your true potential.

Your vital energy, your inherent drama and creative power must be subordinate to a clear goal or task. And the larger this goal, the better.

One of the possible obstacles may be your tendency to negative emotions, as well as your typical skepticism and anxiety. These traits can isolate you from others. Therefore, Libra born on October 1, you need to believe in yourself and strive for the embodiment of their original ideas.

Brave and always ready for competition, you can act spontaneously and inspire loved ones with your talents. However, in your complex, ambiguous nature, there is another, more hidden beginning, the essence of which is the desire for loneliness and introspection.

October 1 Zodiac Work and Career 

Proactive and unlike others, you successfully combine business with love for pleasure. Although you enjoy working together, you prefer to play a major role rather than follow in anyone’s footsteps.

Due to the innate diplomacy and excellent ability to communicate, you usually occupy one of the highest places in the service hierarchy - for example, the position of manager, production organizer or inspector. Sometimes you decide to become a civil servant.

Since those born on October 1 are well versed in psychology, they will be suitable as a financial advisor or lawyer.

The ability to appreciate the beauty and interest in art suggests that you will like the work of an expert at an art gallery.

And with a good theoretical background, you could do Theosophy, philosophy, or astrology.

October 1 Zodiac Compatibility and Love Characteristics

Friendly and charming, you would like to be popular among a wide circle of relatives and friends.

A true friend, capable of making big sacrifices for the sake of your beloved people, you nevertheless tend to manipulate others and consider yourself the center of the universe.

Although love plays an extremely important role in your life, sometimes you are overwhelmed by indecision and you are at a loss as to whether your connections with a loved one are as strong as you would like.

Craving for art, a subtle perception of music and beauty imply that you need to realize your creative and emotional potential.

You enjoy being in a society of artistically gifted people.

An ideal partner for those born on October 1

A partner who can appreciate your sensitivity and reciprocate your love, you can meet among those born in the following days.

  • Love and friendship : January 1, 7, 17, 20, 30; February 5, 15, 18, 28; March 3, 13, 16, 29, 31; April 1, 11, 14, 27, 29; May 9, 12, 22, 25, 27; June 7, 10, 23, 25; July 5, 8, 21, 23; August 3, 6, 19, 21; September 1, 4, 17, 19; October 2, 5, 17; November 13, 15, 30; December 11, 13, 28.
  • Favorable contacts : January 15, 17, 28; February 13, 15, 26; March 11, 13, 24; April 9, 11, 22; May 7, 9, 20; June 5, 7, 18; July 3, 5, 16; August 1, 3, 14; September 1, 12; October 10, 29; November 8, 27; December 6, 25.
  • Mother soul : January 2; March 29; April 27; May 25; June 23; 21 July; August 19; September 17; October 15; the 13th of November; December 11th.
  • Fatal Attraction : January 5; February 3rd; March 1, 27, 28, 29, 30.

  • Problem relations : January 4, 5, 14; February 2, 3, 12; March 1, 10; April 8, 30; May 6, 28; June 4, 26; July 2, 24; August 22; September 20; October 18; November 16th; December 14th.

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