Sagittarius Ascendant: Solar Return

What meaning does the Sagittarius Ascendant have in the Solar Return and how should you work with this influence?

Annual Ascendant in Sagittarius

If this year your Solar Revolution Ascendant is Sagittarius ♐, take into account the following tips and advice to work with this influence:

  1. This year the energy of Sagittarius in the 1st house will push you to be more cheerful, optimistic and enthusiastic.
  2. With Sagittarius in the 1st house annually, there is the challenge of avoiding exaggerated, reckless or dominant attitudes that affect your relationships.
  3. This can be a year of adventure, so planning a trip or starting new projects will connect with the energy of the annual Ascendant.
  4. Your need to understand and explain why things happen will be greater, so it is a great year to study and develop knowledge.
  5. Picky, superficial, or overly emotional attitudes in other people will slow down your drive and initiative throughout the year. Stay away from these types of people.
  6. Your desire for freedom and adventure will be greater, so expand the boundaries of your life and avoid falling into the trap of excessive routine.
  7. Outdoor activities and games will make you feel good and lift your spirits throughout the year.
  8. The years in which the Ascendant is Sagittarius, a new project, vision or adventure may arise that you will develop or carry out in the coming years.
The Solar Return is a predictive technique whose validity period extends from the moment of one’s birthday to the next birthday. The Solar Return map or chart reflects the configurations of the sky at the time and place where the person is when the Sun returns to the same point where he was when he was born.

Jupiter, ruler of the Ascendant in the Solar Return

Every planet has a sign that rules it and the ruling planet of the sign that is located at the beginning of the 1st house is called the Ruler of the Ascendant. If you are a Sagittarius Ascendant in the annual return, your ruler will be Jupiter and this star is very important in the annual chart since it indicates your potential for action and possibilities for the year. The house where Jupiter is located when your annual Ascendant is Sagittarius will have a lot of weight when making the interpretation.

For example, if Jupiter is located in the 7th house, the relationships, partnerships or agreements of the year will be very important and decisive in achieving your purposes. It is very likely that in the topics and areas related to the house where Jupiter is, you will have to make decisions, be a protagonist, promote initiatives or act in some sense. For example, when Jupiter is located in the 4th house, we may be focused on changing residence or resolving a family matter during the year. The aspects that this ruler receives are related to scripts that will be repeated throughout the year when we have to face situations or act. For example, if Saturn makes a square with Jupiter (ruler of the Ascendant) we may be in a year in which we must overcome obstacles, adversities or problems.

Aspects to the Sagittarius Ascendant in the Solar Return

The partial aspects (less than 1 degree) that the Ascendant degree of the Solar Return receives are very important in the interpretation and largely determine what the year will be like. If Mars makes an exact trine to the annual Ascendant, it will be a very dynamic year where you will be able to carry out successful endeavors and enjoy determination. If Venus is in partile conjunction to the Ascendant of the year you can have experiences that will make you very happy or you may find love if you do not have a partner and if Neptune is in square to the Ascendant it is possible that you will experience some disappointments, disappointments or confusing situations during the year. .

Relocation of the Solar Return

Every year around the birthday the Sun returns to the point where it was at the time of birth, starting a new solar cycle and the place where we are at that moment determines how the houses of the Solar Revolution will be located. The positions of planets by sign and the planetary aspects do not vary, but the positions of planets and signs in the houses do.

In this sense, Relocation is a technique through which the best possible place to spend the birthday is sought and in this way soften the inharmonic configurations present in the birthday sky and enhance the harmonics. For example, if for a certain city your Ascendant is Sagittarius and you have Jupiter in exact or partile square with Saturn, it is a good idea to spend your birthday in another city where the Ascendant is not Sagittarius to reduce the strength of the inharmonious aspect of Jupiter with Saturn.

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