What was the original purpose of the Psalms From Bible?

The Psalms are a set of a Christian Bible Book with a set of 150 praise poems. The authorship of the Book of Psalms is attributed to King David, who is thought to have written about 73 psalms. It is believed that the authors of the Psalms had in themselves the action of the Holy Spirit when they wrote the verses.

Taken as the music of the Bible, the psalms are made up of verses and are meant to be a prayer to God, asking for protection and help to the Almighty!

The word Psalm has Greek origin and means song or hymn. Psalter is the name given to the entire collection of Psalms.


Although it was not known when the writing of the Book of Psalms began, it is known that the process of its composition took at least nine centuries: Moses wrote in the 15th century BC, and some of the psalms were written after his return from captivity, which happened in the 6th century BC However, the great majority of the verses originated in the kingdom of southern Judah and were associated with the Temple in Jerusalem, where they probably served as a booklet during the Temple worship.


The Psalms are true examples of worship. They deal with all kinds of human experience and report non-historical narratives. They speak of victory and joy, and of fear and persecution. They reflect the emotions of spiritual men enjoying fellowship with their Creator, and of sinners missing Him. Ask for blessings on the righteous and punishment of the wicked.

In later Jewish and Christian tradition the psalms came to be used as individual or community prayers as traditional expressions of religious sentiment.


The book of Psalms is important because in it are words of praise that inspire, comfort and even correct us when we need a word from God! The Psalms are a great excuse to say a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God. For John of Calvin, the book of Psalms is where we can learn more deeply about how we should direct ourselves to God: “I have the custom to call this book - and I believe not in an incorrect way - an Anatomy of All Parts of the Soul , for there is not even an emotion of which one may not have participated which is not represented therein as in a mirror. “

So choose a psalm and meditate on your heart in the words of praise to God: be assured that your prayer will be heard and ask for help to continue walking.

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